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  • Alabama DOC Inmate Info

    Well, it turns out this loser ******* I knew from my middle/high school days is serving a sentence down in Alabama, not due to be released until 2024. The story I’ve heard third hand is that he’s serving a term due to impregnating a 14-year old girl (and he’s 25 now). But the source that tells this story originally isn’t the most reliable, and both I and the person who heard this second hand want to confirm this.

    Is there some way of confirming what he was sentenced for?

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    25 year old doing a 14 year old is a pretty good way to land in prison for a few years. Maybe Bubba's impregnating him now.
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      I'd hope Bubba's at least trying to impregnate him.

      But, seriously, is there any way to find out what he's doing in prison? (Beside being Bubba's best bulky biatch)

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        Have you tried the DOC website to see if they have an online database of offender info? In MI, you can search OTIS and it will not only tell you what they're in for, where they're at and for how long, but it also includes a picture. From there, you can get the case number and go to the local police dept. If it's not a huge department, you can get a copy of the report, minus the names. But that won't matter since you already know who the guy is. If it's a bigger dept., you may have to do a FOIA request and that could take a little bit of time and effort to get. Or you could try the local circuit court to get the same info with the case number. It's all public record, although your state's regulations regarding juvenile related offense may vary, you should still be able to get the report minus the victim's names. You may also be able to get some info if your state has an online sex-offender registry.


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          I tried the DOC website, and it has a function where I was able to confirm a person with his name and DOB was scheduled for release 11/10/2024. I was unable to find a search function to determine what he had been convicted of, however.


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