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    I was watching Bill O'Reilly's show tonight, and he had the leader of the New Black Panther party on to protest Clinton's offices in Harlem. This guy was saying that the New Panthers have sprung up from the ideas of the original Panthers, and will use "any means necessary" to get what they want. This seems like a cause of concern. I haven't heard much about these guys, but it appears that if they get some numbers behind them, they could pose a serious threat. Interviews with journalists like O'Reilly is just the publicity they want. You don't see him interviewing the leaders of skinhead gangs (IMO, the Panthers are the black equivelant of that). They just seem like a bunch of terrorists in disguise to me. Does anyone here think they pose the threat that the original Panthers did?

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    In Philadelphia, I became aware of them about 2 years ago or more. The head of the Phila branch was calling for the naming of a city street after convicted cop-killer Wesley Cook, who chooses to be known as Mumia Abu-Jamal. He was convicted of killing Police Officer Danny Faulkner in a cowardly fashion.
    Anyway, the drive to rename a street after that animal failed, even though one of our "esteemed" councilmen said he would consider the motion. This all prompted a move by a local radio host to name a street in Philly honoring all fallen officers. Last year a portion of Rte 1, known locally as Roosevelt Blvd, was dedicated as The Danny Faulkner Memorial Highway in honor of all fallen officers.
    As for if they are a threat, I doubt it. They seem to be looking for free press. Sensationalism. I find it hard to take the Phila "leader" to seriously. If anyone remembers the television show "Big Brother", well the black guy voted out in the early episodes was him. Do you think Huey Newton would have been on a show like that? Doubt it.
    Let's hope they are just a lot of hot air. The "old" black panthers took the lives of many of our Brothers/Sisters, but we outlasted them. We'll do the same now.
    "The streets of Philadelphia are safe...it's the people that make them unsafe"---Frank Rizzo


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