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    What is the best commercial you've seen on T.V.??

    I like that Geico commercial with the little ghekko...cute...
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    I like the commericals for "Girls Gone Wild" ...


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      I saw one I loved, but I can't even remember what it was for, that's how good it was.

      I guess the other one I liked best was one on Hallmark Greeting cards. Got me all weepy inside (imagine that!) A year later I still think about it.


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        Mine would have to be the Staples commercial - when the parents are shopping for back-to-school supplies and you hear the song, "It's the most wonderful time of the year"...

        Couldn't agree more!


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          Katey, that Staples ad is a classic. It's been running every August and September for so long that I think those kids are in college now!


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            Originally posted by Mrs.Fish:
            What is the best commercial you've seen on T.V.??

            I like that Geico commercial with the little ghekko...cute...

            i like all the geico commercials, especially the one with the taco bell dog. my wife likes the one where the gecko is driving the little sports car.

            i also like the commercial where the guy is walking up the steps to his apartment and feels a drop of water on his head. he looks up and sees the AC all iced up. then he walks into his apartment and his dog is all sprawled out on his back in bed with the air cranked up and he shows this ridiculous big smile. of course i like any commercial with cute or funny dogs.
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              My kids hate it. If I happen to see it and they're in the other room, I'll call them:

              "Mikey, Anthony, c'mere. I have something I want you to see". They come in, look at the tv as I point to the commercial, then roll their eyes at me and walk out the room. I'm such a witch!!


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                There was this one commercial that was so cool.. I think it was for a car but they did it in one shot digitally. It starts out in a mountain then goes to a chess game and then morphs into another scene for a total of 7 scenes. It was on a couple years ago during the Superbowl.
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                  Skittles –they’re so romantic


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                    I really love the Budweiser commercials. The "satin sheets" one they played during the Super Bowl was hysterical.

                    My favorite is, without a doubt, the Budweiser "Clydesdales Pay Respect" commercial that was also aired during the Super Bowl. It certainly touched my heart, living in NY. I don't know if you'll be able to get the video from this link, but here it is. It doesn't do it justice on a small video link, but you can get the idea. Watching those gorgeous horses put one knee down in the park, with their heads down, facing NY's changed skyline was touching, to say the least.

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                      Raychel, that commercial was for the Lincoln LS sports sedan. It was a VERY good commercial in terms of its creativity and technical wizardry. It's very difficult to tell what was computerized and what wasn't.


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                        My favorite commercial of all time I only saw once, and it was probably 20 years ago.

                        The ad was simply a 15-second spot for Porsche. The camera was facing down a straight, empty stretch of roadway. Nothing happened for about 10 seconds. Then, suddenly, you heard a car coming very fast. The car drove over the camera from behind at about 90 mph then exectuted a perfect 180. Just as the car completed the skidding turn, the headlights came on. The Porsche logo then came up on the screen.

                        I've never seen an ad that so perfectly captured the essence of a brand.
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                          ESPN commercials, especially those about Sports Center, are the best.


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                            My fave commercial is actually one that I saw for the first time a couple of days ago. I have know idea what they were selling because I was laughing so much...

                            But anyhoo, this guy is sitting on the couch in his house and is having a staring contest with a pet ferret, who is sitting on a coffee table in front of him. Then the ferret looks away first, and the guy starts laughing and sticks his tongue out at it. The ferret frowns at him, then leaps off the coffee table and starts clawing at the guy's throat. He gets up and trips over the table, falls against the chair, then gets up again and tries to get the ferret to let go of his tongue, which it has firmly clamped between it's teeth. Then the logo for whatever was being sold pops up...Then it goes back to a shot of the neighbors outside talking and the guy stumbling out his front door with the ferret still trying to kill him...

                            Funniest thing I've seen in a long time!
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                              I'll side with Crazy in a Jeep on this one!!! Here, here for "Girls Gone Wild"!!!!!!


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