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Berkeley idiots at it again!!!


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  • Berkeley idiots at it again!!!


    can't we just consider them part of the enemy and shoot these idiots too??
    I'll post, You argue.

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    That goes at the top of my list of things to ignore. Why are they even holding the observance? It is pointless if they can't be patriotic or mention God. I am also a little fed up with the idea that we must worry about offending someone every time we do something patriotic or religious. We don't expect them to change their customs for us.

    But I will have to print a copy of that story and send it to my daughter. She attended law school there.

    [ 09-05-2002, 04:33 PM: Message edited by: Snoopy1 ]


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      I think napalming the university would be a good idea. What a bunch of jerks.
      RADAR is the 8th wonder of the world.


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        "But I will have to print a copy of that story and send it to my daughter. She attended law school there"

        my God snoop...i hope she is alright!! i hope i don't see years of therapy in her future.
        I'll post, You argue.


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          How can a publication called "The Patriot" contain such a large amount of fecal matter? The same flag that the one f'ing pinko hates so much is the same flag that symbolizes the sacrifices that so many gave to ensure that they can print such horses***!

          God forbid we show a little pride in our country. Ooooooo, hate to f'ing step on any g****** toes and all .

          Ungrateful little f'ing bastards. I hope their parents are f'ing proud of what their little angels are accomplishing in this "school" of theirs.


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            Damn, I didn't know there was a limit (8) of emoticons you could put in one post. Let me finish what I was saying...


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              I'm still not f'ing done...



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                Ya know, I thought I was done, but I'm not. The U.S. has a population problem. The problem isn't with too many people coming, it's too many people wearing out their welcome. I say we let all the immigrants with the desire to work hard and that will appreciate what this country has to give if we send this pinko's away. One immigrant for one pinko. Sounds like a good campaign promise. It makes me sick to see someone who is an American by benefit of birth not appreciate this country as much as someone who moves here from another.

                I love my country. I'm ever thankful for those who gave their lives and their own liberties to fight and die to keep this country great. I'm not saying I love my Government, because there are definately some things that need to be tweaked. However, we get the Government we deserve. We you see the rate of voter apathy, it's apparent that a small percentage cares about who leads them.

                As far as the candidates themselves, we've allowed politicians to reward themselves with their positions. These days we don't political campaigns, we have smear wars. Let's see who can dig up the most dirt on the other guy and shove it down the voters' throats. I don't give a tinker's damn about what the other candidate did, I just want to know where YOU stand on the issues important to ME!

                Now, back to Berkley...


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                  I don't even know what to say except:


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                    Typical Berkeley pondscum. It's time for some purges. America - love it or get the h*ll out!
                    Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

                    I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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                      You know, I am pretty tolerant. I believe in the rights of the individual. But to have a day of rememberance for 9/11, and then exclude the flag is just plain stupid!!!!!!!!!

                      Personally, I would rather them not even hold the celebration, rather then tarnish the memory of that day by excluding the American Flag!!!!!!

                      Then to say your doing it to avoid isolating people who dont agree with the reaction to Sept. 11th is so appalling. First of all, there were other reactions besides a war. What about the renenwed sense of pride in our country? What about renenwed sense of hope in our fellow man?

                      I have worn the flag in defense of our country and I have never believed in "America love it or leave it", thats not what this counrty is all about. Every person has the right to express an opinion about our counrty, pro or con, but when you say you want to ban the flag from a day of rememberance because some people will be offended by it. YOU NEED TO JUST GET THE F*UCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!


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                        I certainly don't agree with what they are doing, and find it appalling. But they have the right to do it. I don't want to see that right disappear because others don't agree with their manner of recognizing an event. As disgusting as it is, they have a right in America to do it.



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                          That's the sickest part about it, retired. They don't want to show any signs of patriotism, but want to cuddle up to the warmth it provides. Someone did a **** poor job of raisin' their young'uns.


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                            I feel an awkward sense of responsibility for the politics of today's college students. It was my generation that first managed to turn political views into fashion statements. Successive generations have refined the art and the end result is the radical imagista of today.

                            The reasoning behind their views isn't really all that hard to fathom. An honest appraisal of young adult priorities would reveal an all too obvious hierarchy of need. Without delving too deeply into Freudian motivators, the causes of this behavior have little to do with politics and everything to do with the biological imperative.

                            I mean, what openly patriotic kid at Berkely is likely to enjoy the amorous attentions of a member of the opposite sex. Sophmoric oversensivity and an ability to give voice to anarchistic rhetoric is cool. Couple this political stance with dynamite dreads, a soul patch, an Incan shepherd's cap, baggy cargo pants, a "Free Mumia" t-shirt, and I'll show you a kid who's gettin' some.

                            I'm really sad that it's come to this. The revolution's not over, man, it's not still going strong, it never even existed.

                            To all those "Okies from Muskogee" that saw this coming, I apologize.


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                              How can a publication called "The Patriot" contain such a large amount of fecal matter? The same flag that the one f'ing pinko hates so much is the same flag that symbolizes the sacrifices that so many gave to ensure that they can print such horses***!

                              FLLawdog, I undertsand your anger. I feel the same way about the folks running UC Berkeley and for that matter their city council. "The Patriot" however speaks up against that crap. If you read the article you will notice it is very critical of the anti patriotic stuff. Below is part of the mission statement for "The Patriot"

                              The California Patriot is an independent journal of news and opinion published at the University of California, Berkeley for the campus and local community. The California Patriot was founded on January 28, 2000 by a group of Golden Bears dedicated to providing a vehicle for the expression of conservative ideals and philosophy on campus.
                              Bill R


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