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Where's the bubbler?


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  • Where's the bubbler?

    The thread on accents got me thinking about different phrases in different parts of the country for the same thing, kinda like soda=pop=Coke. Don't get me started on the differences between here and the U.K. I still don't understand how hood/trunk=dickie/boot.

    Anyway, here's a few from here in south central Wisconsin:

    -In schools or other public places, the devices that shoot out drinking water are called bubblers. Correct pronounciation is BUB-ler, not bubble-err.

    -In the snow or in the mud, when you are in your vehicle and get a lot of speed going, and turn your car's wheel sharply, and your vehicle spins around, we call that "doing donuts." Is there anyone from the U.P. of Michigan who cares to share what you guys call them?

    -In my car when I prepare to make a turn, I activate my blinker.

    -In parks, there is a piece of equipment that is a long board with handles on each end with a fulcrum in the middle. Kids sit on either end and go up and down. We call those teeter-totters.

    -Finally, Oscar Mayer makes HOT DOGS! Frank is someone's first name, and weiners are, well we all know what weiners are.

    Anyone else care to share some more of these?
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    -In my car when I prepare to make a turn, I activate my blinker.

    I call it a clicker but that could just be me.


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      In THE SOUTH, we have:

      water fountains
      loaf bread
      white milk
      Co Cola
      etc, etc, etc.....
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        We wear sneakers, not tennis shoes.

        We eat hoagies instead of subs.

        Pepsi is soda, not pop.

        A toboggan is a SLED, not a hat (but nobody ever calls it a toboggan, we just know what it is).

        Who goes to the beach? We don't, we go down the shore.

        My turn signals are called blinkers.

        If I want to see if my next door neighbors are home, I'll knock up for them.

        When you see someone you know, we don't say hello, we say "Yo".

        In the Philly area, we eat dinner. Down South, they eat supper.

        People up here curse. We never cuss.

        We sit on couches, not sofas. Have you heard of a sofa potato?

        Anyone from the Philly area want to add to this?

        [ 09-05-2002, 05:30 PM: Message edited by: kateykakes ]


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          Don't get me started on the differences between here and the U.K. I still don't understand how hood/trunk=dickie/boot
          Badger, I have never heard of a `hood` being called a dickie. Here in the UK we call a `hood `, a bonnet. The same term is used in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

          I'm glad thats sorted, now I can relax and have a fag............ [Eek!]

          Thats a cigarette for our colonial cousins [Wink] [Wink]
          Scream if you wanna go faster


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            I've seen the term "knucklehead" posted here a few times. At the LAPD, the term is commonly used to refer to some of the less intelligent suspects that we run into. I have never heard this term used outside of law enforcement. Is it in common use elsewhere in the country or is it just limitied to leos?


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              I have heard the term "knucklehead" sometimes used in the military to refer to some of our less intelligent Marines LOL
              "Life breaks us all and afterwards some are strong at the broken places."
              --Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms


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                I don't hear the term "knucklehead" a lot, so maybe it it is a LEO thing, but in reference to FF's, I hear them referred to as "nozzle nutz" quite often. And for any of you FF's here, does the term offend you? My oldest brother is a FF and he finds it humorous, not offensive.


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                  not knuckleheads..... Horns

                  not sack.... BAG

                  Not sneakers... SHOES, it doesn't matter what kind they are all SHOES.

                  and its RUBBER BAND... not binder

                  Phone (or cell) not telephone or cellular phone. Besides everything is digitial.

                  instead of Hello its Hey

                  and when you answer the phone its "Yeah" or "bueno". unless on caller ID you see its a police department calling, then its... "Hello?" in a real sophisticated voice. lol.
                  Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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                    Parents live in N.C. they say they water the lawn with a "hose-pipe". ? Its a hose! or garden hose if your old!


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                      When I lived in NY, I heard people say "knucklehead" alot.

                      We call them sneakers, not tennis shoes. I didn't heard that until I moved to California.

                      It was soda. When I was a kid and visited my uncle in upstate NY, he asked me if I wanted some pop and didn't know what he was talking about.

                      Some others:

                      Water fountain, not bubbler.
                      Doing donuts was common in NY, VA and CA.
                      Blinker in NY, turn signal in VA and CA.
                      Hot dogs was the common one for us.
                      See saw, not teeter totter.
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