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How to talk like a true Bostonian!


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  • How to talk like a true Bostonian!

    Quoted from the Boston Herald:
    A wicked cool guide to talking like a native...
    ..."Boston terms:

    American chop suey:Found in school cafeterias,this delightful dish doesn't resemble anythingamerican or chinese. It's macaroni with meat and tomato sauce.

    Bangin a U-ey:This is what you do while driving after you miss a turn and have to turn around.

    Book it: To high tail it some place as in "I better book it to Stah Mahket before it closes."

    Bubblah: Spelled "bubbler", it's a water fountain.

    Der: An interjecyion indicating disdain for someone else's stupidity, as in "the old Gahdenwas way betta than the Fleet. Der!"

    Down cellar: The basement. As in: "Run down cella and get me a dishtowel outta the drya."

    Frappe: What the rest of the nation calls a Milkshake. But in Boston, a milkshake is just flavored milk, no ice cream allowed.

    Fudge-icle: To the rest of the world, a frozen chocolate pop is a fudgesicle. In Boston , the S is silent.

    Jimmies: Sprinkles you put on ice cream.

    Packie: Liquor store. You'll have to make a pakie run if you want to have a kegga (keg party).

    Scrod: A generic name for white fish. We think it's cod, but no one's sure. Usually breaded and laden with butter.

    So don't I/ So aren't I: So do I, So am I . "I have tickets to Aerosmith tonight." "Oh my gawd, so don't I."
    "no suh" " yah huh."

    Three decker: pronounced three decka, it's a three story house in which each story is a separate apartment.

    Wicked: " Nomaaah's a wicked good baseball playa."

    Yah huh and no suh:
    Yes and no. Usually heard during an intense conversation. "I saw Mickey at Castle island and he waswith another girl." "no suh!" "yah huh!"

    ***Other tips Don't say Copely Square, It's copley,Worcester isn't WOOSter it's Wisstah.
    Say Commonwealth Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue, or Dorchester Avenue and get punched!
    It's Comm. Ave., Mass. Ave. & Dot. Ave."

    web pageBoston tawk

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    Oh my gaaawd! Wicked good post!
    I am a NY transplant to Mass and swore I would never take on the accent. I have a weird enough one as it is...NYC crossed with Canadian (went to college on the Canadian border). Also...the most dangerous driver...NY driver driving in Massachusetts (hands down the worst drivers in the USA).
    You did not mention that different parts of the city...let alone the state have different accents. For example...Southie's accent is very different then say The North End or Dorchester (pronounced Dohchesta).
    Loved the vocab btw.

    See yah


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      One major term you forgot....
      which loosely means ...wiseguy...



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        Friends of mine just got back from a trip out east. They said Rhode Island had the worst accent -- apparently the 'R' is a letter they add and drop arbitrarily. This is evidenced by the term for a person that swims underwater with air tanks...a "scubar divah."

        But, in the spirit of state relations, here are some terms to help anyone traveling through wonderful Wisconsin:

        Water fountain - Where you get a drink of water. Only people from M'waukee call it a 'bubbler'.

        M'waukee - our state's largest city. Home to the hapless Brewers.

        Don'cha know - Do you understand? As in "We stopped by da tavern for a few cold ones, don'cha know."

        Tavern - what the rest of the country calls a bar

        Get owwwt! - No way

        Tommy - the only governor most of us remember. Now your Sec. of Health & Human Services

        Tree - the number after two and before four

        Tirty-pointer - a mythical beast of the northwoods

        FIBs - Freaking Illinois Buzzards (or something like that), those fast-driving, nature-wrecking but money-spending hordes that clog the roads going north on Friday and south on Sunday from the months of May to September. (By the way, my new favorite bumper sticker -- "If they call it tourist season, why can't I shoot them?"

        Up Nort - Depends on where you're from. If you live in Rhinelander, it's the Upper Penninsula. If you live in Stevens Point, it's the upper 1/3 of the state. If you live in Madison, it's the upper 2/3 of the state. If you live in Chicago, it's the entire state.

        Pop - what everyone else calls soda

        Soda - what everyone else calls seltzer

        Da - the

        Dese - these

        Dem - them

        (you get the picture)

        Cripes! - an exclamation of surprise, as in "Cripes, da Packers blew dat one, din't dey?"

        Hot dish - a combination of cream of mushroom soup and ANY two other food items

        Yah der hey - an affirmative reply with emphasis.
        "Ya spend $400 million on a stadium, ya tink at least ya'd get a good team ta go wit it."
        "Yah der hey!"

        Beer - a drink with jam and bread

        No-ah - No

        'Sconsin - our fair state

        Hope this helps anyone planning on a visit to America's Dairyland. Come and smell our Dairy-air!
        Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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          Packie: Liquor store. You'll have to make a pakie run if you want to have a kegga (keg party).

          Is Packie short for package or a reference to the nationality of the proprietor?
          Bill R


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            LMAO @ Bill


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              Dang all that time I spent in Wisconsin and did not even learn the lango. LOL I do know that in the middle of rush hour in any given busy intersection if you yell "Git the heck outta my way you danged cheddarhead!!!" You will get all the attention you have ever wanted. LOL

              Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                That's wicked good

                For a site mainly run by southern belle's like Nightshift, Boston still comes up A LOT!

                Education is nothing without experience to back it up.


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                  And don't forget the Officer.com site was created by a BOSTON Police Officer (now Sergeant).

                  I'm sure we all agree he did a "wicked ****a" job.
                  Disclaimer: The writer does not represent any organization, employer, entity or other individual. The first amendment protected views/commentary/opinions/satire expressed are those only of the writer. In the case of a sarcastic, facetious, nonsensical, stirring-the-pot, controversial or devil's advocate-type post, the views expressed may not even reflect those of the writer.


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                    Wicked pizza?


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                      Originally posted by Bill R:
                      Is Packie short for package or a reference to the nationality of the proprietor?

                      I couldn't tell if you were joking or not so...a packie is in reference to a package store

                      I LOVE MY ACCENT AND DIALECT!!!
                      Northeastern University Police Department Cadet/Dispatcher


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                        Originally posted by NUPD Cdt.:
                        Originally posted by Bill R:
                        Is Packie short for package or a reference to the nationality of the proprietor?

                        I couldn't tell if you were joking or not so...a packie is in reference to a package store

                        I think he got it confused with a 7/11, and I think their Iraqies.


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