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Bad experiences with 'Subway'?


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    [Eek!] Did they EACH order a 12" sandwich? I could see it being $16 for 2 sandwiches and 2 drinks. I don't know what I've ordered there in the past, but it wasn't 12"....
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      When Sandie and I go to subway and get two 12" subs with drinks it only comes to be around $13. SO I think $16 is still a little high.

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        While I agree it's a major ripoff, it's simply good ol' Economics 101 at work here.

        They can charge the prices, because they know people will pay them. Otherwise, they'd go out of business.

        It's like those airport concessions...they know it's not easy for you to leave the airport to go get food, so they charge you an arm and a leg.

        So, unless they've violated the provisions of their franchise with Subway, I'm afraid you're out of luck.


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          Let see, If I buy 1 12-inch sub and two drinks a week and pay 5.50+1.25+1.25= $8.00

          If I tell Mom I paid $16.00 subtract $8.00= $8.00 Profit!

          6-Pack of the Beast= $3.00 which equals 16 beers per week. LET'S PARTY!!

          Just Kidding I don't mean to insinuate anything about your daughter. I would never think about doing that to my Mom while I was in college.........LET'S PARTY!!! [Wink]
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            Campus eateries are always jacking up the price of food. Often the students have purchased a meal plan and have no access to cooking devices (or they are not allowed) and must pay these high prices.
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              ONE 12-inch sub and 2 drinks: $16.

              She gets $200/month allowance, so she doesn't hurt for pocket $$$.
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                It must be nice to get an allowance. I work 50 hours a week to pay my tuition, never mind the rent. I wish you were my dad.


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                  LOL! She busted her *** in school, graduating Salutatorian of her class and earning several scholarships. I have NO IDEA where she got THAT sort of 'drive' from.... [Wink]
                  "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
                  -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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                    Having worked for 12 years in marketing and also having worked for several years at a campus eatery, I feel qualified to comment on this.

                    Sig220Man is technically correct. There is nothing wrong with the franchise charging what they want for their sandwiches, assuming, of course, that it doesn't violate any laws or their franchise agreement. It's supply and demand, baby, the basis of capitalism!

                    That being said, common sense has to prevail. The Subway owner has obviously found that the students will pay his "inflated" prices so he makes more $ on every sub he sells. And, since no one has made an issue of it, he'll continue to sell them at those prices. But, if someone starts publicizing the fact the store is jacking up prices and taking advantage of the students, odds are they'll stay away in droves. Then, instead of making a little extra on every sandwich, the owner is going to watch profits dwindle.

                    I agree that taking it to the college paper is a great idea. If they don't take up the banner, handing out fliers on the public sidewalk would certainly get the owner's attention.
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                      I'm an ice cream junkie, and I love Dairy Queen's Blizzards. We only have a handful of DQ's within a reasonable driving distance, with one being very close. It's in another county and not exactly in the best part of town. It's also one of the old walk up only stores. Me and Mrs. Lawdog had a hankerin' for a bLizzard and went across the river to satisfy that itch. The place was packed and as we were waiting, we noticed the price...$5 Frickin' 99 [Eek!] for a large Blizzard!!! Needless to say we're hooked, but not THAT damned hooked!

                      As fate would have it, the franchise owner lives in the town I work in and we got called out to her house for a frivilous complaint (I could go into more detail about her character and personality, but decorum prevents me from it). She made the comment about owning the DQ with her husband and mentioned the crime and drug use around the store. She asked why more PO's don't show up and eat there. It took all the energy in my body to keep from saying "Drop the f'ing prices to the national average" (what, $2.49?).

                      All I can say is, capitalism and all aside, $16 is just too much for a sub, especially Subway. Fire off some nasty grams and see if you can change something.


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                        Post a complaint on PlanetFeedback and if you're lucky.. you might get a response. If not, at least you can voice your complaint and commiserate with others.
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                          Supply and demand is one thing, but what about false advertising? The original post claimed that the prices on the menu board did not match the prices charged. It seems that the Better Business Bureau and possibly the State Attorney General might be willing to listen - especially if they still have the receipt (proof).
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