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Wine has DNA ? Another win for the aussies.


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  • Wine has DNA ? Another win for the aussies.


    Thursday 21 June 3:03 PM

    World-first wine DNA to prevent theft and counterfeit

    By Steve Larkin
    An Australian winemaker will be the first in the world to use DNA identification on labels to prevent theft and counterfeiting.
    BRL Hardy said DNA from a 125-year-old grapevine in South Australia had been impregnated into labels for its flagship wine, Eileen Hardy shiraz.

    The winemaker took about a year to develop the DNA label, based on similar DNA identification used on tickets for the Sydney Olympics.

    Under the technology, Eileen Hardy bottles will feature a 'cigar' band under the capsule with DNA identification, which is revealed under special scanning lights.

    BRL Hardy international marketing manager Jim Humphrys said today a spate of thefts and counterfeits in the wine industry prompted the company to explore DNA identification.

    "There has been counterfeiting taking place, there has been a few fraud bottles in the market place," Mr Humphrys said.

    "The temptation is there for people to do some copies and we have been concerned about that issue for some time.

    "We have developed this new DNA ink that can be incorporated into the printing of the cigar band that goes around the top of the bottle.

    "First of all, it's tamper proof and secondly, we can authenticate these bottles under a special light that can show the DNA in the label.

    "It is an important step in protecting people who buy expensive wines."

    Mr Humphrys said the DNA identification was taken from vine cuttings from Thomas Hardy's original vineyard in McLaren Vale.

    "Anyone can do a cigar band and a capsule and mock one up," he said.

    "But you can't impregnate it with DNA ink that comes from the 125-year-old vineyard in McLaren Vale because the DNA from that vineyard is unique to that vineyard, it can't be replicated by any other vineyard in the world."

    Mr Humphrys said the DNA identification, developed in conjunction with Adelaide-based Collotype Labels, was likely to be used only on premium flagship wines such as the Eileen Hardy.

    The 1998 vintage of Eileen Hardy - the first wine in the world to boast the DNA identification - will be released on August 1 this year.

    Collotype Labels managing director Nigel Vinecombe said other winemakers would be approached to use the DNA identification labelling in the near future.

    The DNA labelling will be launched internationally on Thursday night at a wine expo in France.

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    Australian wines in general and Hardy wines specifically are one of the best wines in the World.

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