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    Last night at work I responded to a suicide call. Those LEO's among us know that these calls are usually one of three types.

    1. The person has made a serious attempt and either is dead or will be soon. Drug OD's can be a little hard to read, but there's not much ambiguity when a 12gauge is used.
    2. It's one of the habitual loony callers who need either a little bit of attention in the form of a "life doesn't suck that bad" lecture from me or a quick trip down to the hospital for a voluntary committal with the psych(o) doctors.
    3. It's an offhand comment, usually relayed third hand, where the person supposedly offing himself has no idea what you're talking about or where you got the idea said offage was imminent.

    The one I went to last night was #3 taken to extreme. It seems that the girl was AOL instant-messageing with a person in Texas (1800-some miles away), and the discussion somehow turned to pharmaceuticals. During the course of this discussion my new friend mentioned that a certain type of drug was nearly instantly deadly, at which point the Texan freaked, called 911, and somehow got it relayed to my dispatchers that the girl here had gobbled a handful of said pills. It seems that the two had exchanged letters and each other's addresses, so it was easy to figure out locations. So, they wake up EMS, snatch me away from a traffic stop, and we go barreling down there and bang on the door, only to get the "what the f*** are you talking about?" treatment.

    I guess internet chatting just isn't suited for some types of conversation.

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    Well sugar,
    Better the "What the &@#%" treatment than the disgusting mess of a 12gauge created topper--double yuck--I'm just trying to see the bright side here.

    On that chat tip--never have understood the allure of chatting it up with complete strangers like you've been best buddies your whole life. That whole chat language seems too cheesy to be believed, but people sure do seem to be easily enough lulled into that false sense of security... Geez, that and internet dating--way too footloose and fancy free for me!

    Well, I guess that's enough hack arm-chair philosophy for one day

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking." --Gen. George S. Patton


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      I have had a lot of fun on chat lines but I have one rule.....I never meet, call, give my address to ANYONE. I keep my Internet fun life seperate from real life. I have a lot of friends here but I'm just not brave enough to do as I see so many people do.....treat it as a way to meet people in real life.


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