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  • Scary!

    Recently a friend of mine found that her personal information was published on an internet site. It is really scary! Her home address, telephone number and email was posted by a total stranger!
    Her personal information is not unlisted, and so far she has not been stalked, but given all the lunatics on the internet, she is very concerned.
    Is there anything she can do to:
    1. punish the person who published it?
    2. Prevent it from happening again?
    Any help would be appreciated!!

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    Without knowing the context in which it was published, there is nothing illegal about publishing this sort of information on a public website. It's the same as being listed in a telephone directory. Many local and federal government sites also have this same information readily available as well.

    As for getting it removed, her best bet is to contact the site's owners on which it was posted and request to have it removed. If this is not an option, she can always look up the domain at www.dns411.com to see the host name of the server the site resides on. She can then petition them to remove the information. Most website hosts will be only too glad to comply with a request such as this.

    And as for preventing it.. I would advise her not to publicize said information as much as possible and just practice general net safety guidelines. But like I said, this information is unfortunately all too available on the internet so regardless of what she does, there is no surefire way of preventing this in the future.
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