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Man who pulled a "gun"......


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  • Man who pulled a "gun"......

    Hey everyone,

    Last night while my brother was on duty at a seatbelt check, they recieved a call of a male driving eratically. The male had driven three other vehicles off of the road, and was driving at an estimated speed of approximately 170 Kilometers per hour. My brothers partner took the call and went out after him. He got the vehicle stopped, and then requested assistance. My brother took that call, and upon arrival at thye scene, they approached the vehicle. They asked the driver to step out of the car, and were told that they needed to "F*** off" and that he had a gun & was prepared to shoot them. He started the vehicle, so my brother's partner reached inside the window & grabbed the keys. The male then proceeded to grab his arm, and pulled out what appeared to be a gun. He told the officer that he was going to shoot him. My brother opened the door, and grabbed the guy from the car. He knocked the "gun" (later found out to be a cell phone, which the male was trying to portray as a gun) and got the man up against the truck. The man then tried to fight him, so my brother & his partner had to tacklehim to the ashphalt. The man ios no in jail, minus a "gun", and some skin. He has 2nd degree burns on his shoulder, from the ashphalt. I hope he learned that you never pretend, or even pull a gun on an officer......

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    It reminds me of the time that a drunk passenger opened the glove compartment to get the registration for the driver. There was a gun inside. I immediately pointed my gun at the guy and told him to put his hands up. The idiot kept reaching for the gun so that he could show me that it was only a lighter (which it later turned out to be). The jerk almost got shot before he finally complied.


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