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  • Smoking or non...

    Do you smoke, and if so, for how long? And if you do, what do you smoke: cigars, cigarettes, a pipe? Do you prefer to dip? Have you tried to quit, or ever been successful in quitting?

    As for me, I don't smoke.

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    I do not smoke either.

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      I've smoked 1/2 pack of cigarettes a day for about 6 mos.
      Chew occasionally.

      Don't really want to quit.

      I tried dipping, but I get so high off the nicotine I puke [Frown]
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        Never been a smoker. I tried smoking cigars with my buddies who are into that fad, but got sick every time; not nausea, but bronchitis. I dipped Cope in high school, but just one or two small pinches a day. Man, I love the fact that all restaurants are totally non-smoking here.
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          I used to be a "social smoker". But it was like 4 or 5 cigs per year. I've smoked maybe 20 or so in my short little life. But I haven't smoked at all recently and don't plan to start again.
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            About 17 years ago I smoked about a pack a day. A doctor told me that if I wanted to keep breathing, I should stop. Tried nicorette gum for about a week, then decided I could just quit on my on. Went from cigarettes to chewing tobacco. Man, I really quit didn't I? Then migrated on to the hard stuff, snuff. Dipped for about 6 years when one day looked in the mirror at my gums, and threw the rest of a can in the trash. That was about five years ago. About a month ago, after being tobacco free for five years I was stupid enough to take another dip. Got so high off of the nicotine that I didn't enjoy it, and almost got sick. I guess this was the man up above showing me that I didn't need tobacco, so no more for me!

            Now, if I could just kick the caffeine addiction as easily as I kicked the nicotine!

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              Started smoking when I joined the marines (go figure) and carried on until January this year. I had a nasty cough over Christmas and my son got it as well and spent 2 nights in hospital and it scared the crap outta me.
              I quit on Jan 18th 2002 by using the 'I'm not going to smoke again' method. No patches, no gum, nothing. The money I would have spent on smokes was split between upgrading my gym membership and increasing the payments into my sons saving account, so if I crumbled, I couldn't afford them if I tried. Also, I changed the wallpaper on my PC to a list of the benefits of quitting, both medical and financial ie: day 1, lungs starts to clear of tar,
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                I smoke when I'm drunk, and at a party with someone that I can bum cigs off of. I have literally gone through an entire pack in a fifteen minute period.

                But I'm a smart smoker.

                I don't inhale


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                  I've smoked on and off for the past 30 years or so. I know I can kick the habit, I've done it hundreds of times. The longest non-smoking period I can recall lasted about 5 years, the shortest, maybe a day or two.

                  Being a pariah doesn't sit with me very well. I don't even like those other smokers.

                  I used to run quite a bit when I was younger. 50 miles a week was my training goal. I got pretty good and finished well in a few races, won my age class once, 5 miles in 30:33. The first cigarette after a race was the best! Talk about your shocked looks, though.

                  I'm close to being priced out of the cigarette market, I think. If the government ever decides to stop the internet trade in cigarettes, I'll have to switch to gum or biting my nails or something.

                  I expect that there will soon be a smoker's area at O.Com. and I'll have to stand outside in the cold.


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                    *bleck* I don't smoke.


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                      I've been smoking a half a pack for over a year now. I smoke cigerettes and yes, I've tried to quit and it is a hard task.
                      "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst."


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                        Cigarettes will kill my father within the next ten years. And that is a generous estimate. So, having watched him smoke all my life and slowly kill himself, I have never even had the desire to try a cigarette and never will.
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                          I don't smoke, dip, etc. I kissed a girl in high school that smoked.....ONCE. That was a real TURN OFF.
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                            I have never smoked cig's. Did dip in high school, you know that baseball player thing. I do have a humidor filled with cigars though. I smoke one about once a month. I love them, they are just to damn expensive to smoke every day. My favorite would have to be my Ashton VSG's.
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                              I never started. Smoking was something girls just didn't do when I was growing up. That probably dates me.

                              As I got older I had female friends that smoked but by this time I was old enough to think for myself. Peer pressure didn't enter into it. I thought of it as a messy, smelly, and expensive waste of time, with the chances of burning holes in my clothes or the upholstery. I'm too much of a free spirit to do something just because "everybody else does it".


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