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  • Something is VERY wrong here

    Below is an extract from the sun newspaper about the two killers of a child. They killed the two year old when they were youngsters themselves. The good old British Justice System is about to not only release them, but pay them as well !!!
    This country has gone MAD !!!!!!!!!

    "THE stunned family of murdered tot James Bulger have blasted the "insulting"
    "Never under-estimate the power of thick people in large groups"

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    I remember that case well. I recall the public even threw stones at the youth as they went back and forth to court.
    Hard to believe that much time as gone by already!!

    It is a shame about the money. It will be interesting to see if their new identities remain a secret for long!


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      I heard a news report today stating that the infamous "unknown sources" claim that their new identities have already been leaked. I'm not one to condone revenge. I believe whole-heartedly in a concise system of justice, no matter how flawed. However, I can't help but thinking that what goes around comes around.
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        The death of James Bulger was reported in Australia. I was one of many shocked at seeing the still pictures of the two children walking little Jamie to, what was ultimately, his death.

        What message does it send out to the community that the killers of this innocent child are now being considered for financial support by the government.

        What support did and does the government give to the parents of Jamie Bulger?

        What message does it send to the two killers? That crime DOES pay. That when you kill someone, you spend a little time in gaol and then the government takes care of you for the rest of your life? Not only your life is taken care of, but that of your whole family?

        The whole thing is absurd.

        We are the Police! Resistance is Futile!
        "Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open." Sir James Dewar 1842-1923


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          And you know what the best part of this whole farce is?

          It appears the two murderous *******s are going to be reolocated to Australia under some twisted "heinous murderer at risk protection program"!! This is because the UK government believe their heads are too well known in their neck if the woods and are at risk of "never having a normal life" (poor dears) or being killed by vigilanties, in some form misguided retribution.

          I thought the days of Transportation were over...

          All I can say is that if they come here, plaster their faces on every billboard!!!!

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            Lbomb summed it up - what comes around goes around. It is the circle of life
            "carma" if you wish - but true.

            [email protected]


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              Well looks like the Brits are about like our good ole American Justice system they just made it public where we dont. Most people never think about all the people that are murdered in the Us and what happens afterword. First they fell sorry for the murderer and cry for mercy he didnt mean to do what he did so give him life, not the death chamber, we can afford to feed him and take care of him for the rest of his life, so its done and we provide him everything he needs for the rest of his life, but what about his family, well in most cases they sign up for all the welfare benifits they can get so the tax payer has another big burden to bear and through all of this forget the victim he doesnt count and his family can do the best they can to get by. Just dont forget to tax his funeral. Now tell me the difference in what the Brits have done and what our good ole US Justice system and Gov. does every day other than put it in the paper.


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                They also talked about sending them here to Canada. One of our politicians spoke up and said that we don't accept murderers into Canada. Funny, I guess he doesn't read the papers in our country. I thought that was a pre-requisite!


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