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Third Watch on DVD or VHS


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  • Third Watch on DVD or VHS

    WHo would like to see seasons on Third Watch on DVD or VHS. I know I would. And I really dont think it would happen.

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    Since I police the land of make believe or thereabouts.... I feel qualify to answer this question.

    The reason most Network shows do not have DVDs of previous seasons is because they will make more money on the syndication to cable or local stations. Thereafter, they will be released on DVD/Video.

    That's why most successful shows only run for 5-8 seasons. This way, they can sell the show to syndication for a reasonable price. There are the exceptions, such as the Simpsons. The Simpsons is going onto its 14th season, the reason they kept it going is because it's been successful on both the airing end and also the retail-marketing end. Notice they're just getting around to selling the first few seasons on DVD right now?

    The solution to this is to go overseas to purchase the DVD version of your favorite American show.... In England and Aussieland, you can get the first season of West Wing on DVD, however, you need a non-regionalized DVD player.


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      Why pay for it on DVD or VHS when A&E is showing the no extra cost (assuming you already have cable or satellite)?


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        I'd definately like to see Third Watch on dvd.
        The show just gets better and better.
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