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Son Pkoed While Working Security


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  • Son Pkoed While Working Security

    My 21 year old son (who works for the UC Police Dept. as a CSO) was assisting the sworn LE personnel during graduation ceremonies on campus this past weekend.
    There are upwards of 5,000 family and friends at each of the 3 ceremonies conducted each day (Sat. & Sun.), so crowd control is a necessary part of the job.
    Some of the parents' behavior is beyond description, as they feel that 4 years of tuition allows them to do as they please on the day of their child's graduation.
    One of these fine, upstanding individuals decided that he/she did not appreciate being held back by the human barricade of LE and CSO's, and decided to retaliate by sticking my son in the back of his arm (tricep) with a needle-like object.
    The crowd was too thick to determine who the culprit was, and even though he was treated by the paramedic crew, he now must go through 6 months to a year of blood tests.
    I just hope it's true about Karma....what goes around, comes around....for these rotten SOB's!
    Thanks for allowing me to vent, and y'all be careful out there!

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    Sorry, to hear about your son. That is awful what happened to him and I hope that all works out well with the tests.


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      That's terrible! Please keep us posted on his results.. or lack of them..


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        Man, I would know the meaning of wanting to kill. What a coward that person was to hurt your son and upset all of you like that. The one thing I ever did that could have gotten me arrested had to do with my son. I think I told it before. A 17 year old kid was hitting him as hard as he could (my son was 10) with a tightly wrapped newspaper. I was walking and just hapened to see it. I threw my glass of iced tea down and ran and got the paper from him. I beat the crapola out of that kid all the way to his front door where he got away from me! grrrrrrr I can't stand a bully or a coward!


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          Oh man I feel for him! Needle sticks are just plain terrifying! You just never know. . .

          I used to have an open mind - but my brains kept falling out.

          6P1 (retired)
          6P1 (retired)


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            Whe I got "knifed" in Feb 96 I did not see what the assailant used as I was blinded by blood and rage.(I got cut on the top of the head. Those who have encountered this know it bleeds like a bit#h) He outran a police dog into an apartment building and was never caught.

            My fears were that he had used a needle but the paramedics assured me that it did not seem to be a needle puncture. The doc figured it was a box cutter but it was a scary feeling for awhile. I never did get blood tests but have been tested for HIV, Hepatitis etc... and always come back clean.

            Thank God!


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              Thanks for all your concern.....I'll pass it on to him.
              Both he and his brother have worked for campus PD for most of their college years, and have worked crowd control and frisking at concerts in the past with no problems. Their Mama insisted I buy them each a pair of Friskers Plus gloves as soon as they started the job, but ya never know from where it might come!
              Be careful and watch out for pointy things!


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                I've never been stuck by a needle on the job, but that would really, really, tick me the heck off. If I would have got hold to a guy that did that to me, I know that I would not be a police officer now. I handle most things very calmly, but I see myself just pounding and pounding and pounding. The absolute, unadulterated nerve of some college twerp. I believe I would have fixed him for good.

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