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Do you buy equipment on-line/mail order?


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  • Do you buy equipment on-line/mail order?

    I've been looking at on-line and mail order general LE shops lately. Obviously I know of Galls. Are there any other respectable companies that are fairly large and good priced? Most of the other stores listed on officer.com seem fairly small. And the rest that I know of are either very specific or outdoors related and simply sell some LE products.

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    I've dealt with Galls and the Sportsman's Guide.

    Galls has a good reputation and they have good products. Their prices are about average with some items being slightly higher. Sometimes worth it for the convenience.

    Sportsman's Guide has been hit and miss. I once ordered a pair of Hi Tecs from them and they sent me Itasca because Hi Tec was out of stock. Rather than wait they sent them and a rebate check. After wearing the Itascas I won't ever buy them. Other times I have gotten great stuff from them. Just buyer beware I suppose.
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      I don't shop Galls unless I have not choice....there prices are usually higher than the others I use.

      Try these out:
      www.oherron.com www.OMBps.com www.code4pro.com

      Ray O'Herron is who I use most, they have great service and great prices.


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        I have a wholesale account with the largest distributor of LEO supply's. I generally place an order and wait for it to be shipped. I usually get it within 4 days.
        Everything from ASP to ZAK tools is listed and the prices are way below the retail price.
        If there is anything anyone needs or wants I can quote a price. It is usually 10% over cost plus shipping. Baisically the 10% covers my inbound freight and COD fee's. I don't really make any money on the stuff.But I do make a bunch of friends.
        I try to "gang" the orders together so I can save a liitle on the inbound shipping.
        If there is anything other than clothing items I would be pleased to quote.


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          I've bought from several companies, including Botach and a couple of general supply places. All have delivered exactly what they promised.

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