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  • Cops and Nurses

    Has anyone else seen a connection between cops and nurses?

    My wife is a health unit coordinator and will be going to school for nursing. My father in law is a Sgt. with the WI State Patrol and his wife is a nurse. On my father in laws side, everyone is either a nurse or in law enforcement. Two of my coworkers has wifes in the medical field.... nurse and a surgical tech.
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    i used to be a volunteer first responder for a county wide ambulance service. i had an EMT-I, but it expired last year. i probably should renew it. my cousin worked an ambulance for 15 years before deciding it was time to be a cop. his wife is none other than....a nurse. my uncle was a cop. his wife (my aunt)....you guessed it, a nurse.

    i think all male cops have some connection with good looking female nurses though.


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      I think it's because they both usually have a basic desire to help people and do good. And what do strippers dress as, anyway?

      That's right, nurses and cops.


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        It's either a nurse or a 7/11 clerk. They are the only other women that are sober and awake at 2am.


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          Thats funny. My wife and I were together before we had established our jobs.
          Just before I got into LE my wife was a CNA and in the Army as a 91B(med spec).
          She contined as a CNA working towards her RN but just recently bailed out to Real Estate. I don't mind cause the money is greener.

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            You mean good looking women are allowed to be nurses? Not in this neck of the woods.

            I don't know any cops married to nurses, but where I used to work we had two types of nurses. Nurses from Hospital A would do everything and anything they could to harass us while trying to deal with suspects in the ER. Nurses from Hospital B would bend over backward to help us out however they could. It wasn't too uncommon for our traffic guys to stop nurses on the freeway on their way home from work, and you know what, A nurses got tickets while B nurses got warnings.

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              Also nurses like cops have crazy hours as well and work in high stress jobs. You have to marry someone pretty understanding of the career for the two (relationship and career) to be a good union.
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                My older brother is a nurse. He spent some time as a MP in the army. Then he got his BS in Criminal Justice. After trying unsuccessfully to become a LEO he tried firefighting/EMT. He finally went back to school for nursing. He still volunteers sometimes as a F.F. and regrets not going after LE, but loves what he does now.
                We joke about him "fixing" up the people I'll be sending him when i do become an officer.


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                  My wife is a teacher, but is doing Masters work to become a licensed clinical counselor(Undergrad is Psych/Sociolgy). My wonderful, outstanding, terrific daughter is in Nursing school.
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                    I was in a hospital once and saw a cop and a nurse. So naturally, I took a turn for the nurse.


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                      I have dated a couple of nurses in the past. At times, it seems like the two professions go hand in hand because of the crazy hours.

                      Currently, I'm dating a secretary, and things seem much more normal for some reason.

                      At least she understands the wacky sense of humor (most of the time) and is accepting of my chosen profession.

                      That, and she likes the uniform [Wink]
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                        I know several police officers who are married to nurses. I've noticed that we get better treatment in the hospitals where they work. However, most of the people in hospitals treat us very well. My personal policy is that I do not write tickets to doctors, nurses, or anyone else who works in a hospital.


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                          My wife is an RN with her MSN. She is palnning on heading to Med School when we return to the states next year.
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                            Yep I have dated a lot of nurses and we seem to have a lot in common. [Wink]
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                              Originally posted by lone ranger:
                              It's either a nurse or a 7/11 clerk. They are the only other women that are sober and awake at 2am.

                              Hey, i'm awake and sober at 2 AM! dont forget us postal workers

                              After all, we work crazy schedules and have a lot of stress, too [Wink]
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