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  • Religion

    here are my thoughts on religion and i'd like to know what others feel on the subject.

    when i was younger my parents were baptists. when i was about 10, a friend's family invited us to their lutheran church. i've been going there ever since and i'm still technically a member.

    since i've moved out of my parents house several years ago, i haven't regularly attended a church. i frequently get into debates with people who are, let's say very religious. i don't consider myself a very religious person. i need convincing and some form of evidence before i can form a true belief in something.

    this is where i tend to get the devout christians wriled up. i find it difficult to believe that someone who lives their life trying to be the best person they can be will go to hell because they don't believe in Jesus and God and aren't baptized. i even have my doubts in the existence of a heaven and hell because again, no proof. the most violent of murderers will be saved because they decided at the last minute to believe in christianity. many christians i've had the displeasure of coming into contact with are some of the worst people i've ever met. i've arrested 4 preachers in my career for all sorts of serious and minor offenses. granted these are more of just cases of deception and are far from a representation of the norm, but there are religious people who lie, cheat, and steal only it's not in the generic form then go to church and ask for forgiveness????

    i don't believe in the hocus pocus of cow worshipping and things like that, but i'm looking for some honest convincing. i've generally took the scientific approach to things. in order to believe something is true, you must try and disprove it and if you can't, we've formed a theory. to me, the bible is a theory because we know we cannot prove it, but we can try and disprove it and to date that has not been done. i know there is a lot of mystery in this book; the latest being the mathematical codes. i've also studied a great deal on the various world religions. i think they all in their own way have something positive that contributes to a person's life.

    i guess what started this is my fascination with science. if everything is made of an atom, the most basic form, then everything is a moving object of matter. we are of nothing more than similar elements composed together to form this computer i'm typing on. i've also done extensive reading, etc. on the introduction of nanotechnology. nanotechnology has the power to create what only God has been able to create. is energy the simplest form of life and what controls this energy? is this what 'soul' refers to?

    herein lies the greater question. what is the conflict between science and Christianity? can a proponent of nanotechnology be a true believer in religion? is it wrong to question and is it worse to challenge?

    i know no one here has the answers i'm looking for. i would like to hear opinions and feelings on this.

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    Religion will always conflict with science because it deals with the unknown and unexplainable and hinges on faith. Science tries to explain everything and takes nothing on faith.


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