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  • Hello from Hollywood

    We are in our hotel in Hollywood and they have a data line so I had to get on here and say Hi. I am so easily amused.

    We got in this afternoon. Traffic was a breeze much to my surprise. We spent all afternoon doing the tourist thing to the fullest. We had to check out the handprints in the sidewalk of course. Was pretty cool to me to see George Burns for some reason.

    They were filming a movie to be called SWAT down the street from the hotel so we watched that for a while. Of course, I didn't have a clue who the two statrs were so I'm sure you all will make fun of me when it does come out and they turn out to be some huge names.

    We took all the stupid pictures, got balloon hats from a street clown that we wore all day, and were just generally silly. Was great. We came back to the room to "rest." The better half hopped in the shower and I found the data line so here I am. We are going to head out again in a few minutes and check out this theater mall complex next door.

    Saw several of LA's finest and and talked to a couple of them. Got pictures of one that could be the tattoed man at the side show. That would never fly at Metro. He had full color art work the full length of one arm.

    One of the most interesting things was to watch the transformation along Hollywood Blvd. as the sun sets. As twilight sets in the crowds start getting way thinner and the freaks start coming out of the woodwork. I imagine if we stayed ou there a little longer, the freak crowds would have started getting as thick as the tourist crowds. Sitting here just these few minutes, I've already heard three seperate siren burst and one undiscernable yeling outburst, and we are in the good part up on the 9th floor.

    Later all.

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    Good to see that you're having a good time. You just missed 3 days of rain, so you're seeing LA at its best weather...warm, sunny, and no smog in the sky

    Have fun, and don't get robbed! [Eek!]


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      Originally posted by Sig220Man:
      and don't get robbed! [Eek!]

      If he continues with the below action that he states, he might

      "got balloon hats from a street clown that we wore all day"

      Another thing, here's a quick way to make a buck around a movie set. Whenever they start to film, cough or sneeze or hack.. or just sing loudly.... they'll get the hint and give you some money to shut your trap

      Enjoy L.A. Never look up.... that's a clear sign that you're a tourist.

      [ 11-11-2002, 11:20 PM: Message edited by: occiferdave ]


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        I guess at least I can laugh at you now.
        The stars of the SWAT movie are Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell, and Michelle Rodriguez.
        But I won't cause I wasn't there.
        Enjoy your stay!

        Disclaimer: The writer does not represent any organization, employer, entity or other individual. The views expressed are those only of the writer. In the case of a sarcastic, facetious, nonsensical, stirring-the-pot, controversial or devil's advocate-type post, the views expressed may not even reflect those of the writer [This sig stolen from Brickcop who stole it from Frank Booth].


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          If you want to see some really strange things, head west into West Hollywood. There is an adult store there called "The Pleasure Chest". It is a very educational place. [Eek!]


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            Originally posted by Underdog:
            There is an adult store there called "The Pleasure Chest". It is a very educational place.

            And you would know about this place how?? [Eek!]


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              By the way... if you have time and can ditch the wife.... head over to the City of Industry and visit a place called the Spearmint Rhino.

              Very entertaining


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                NOT the balloon hats...please God NO!!
                People have more fun than anybody.


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                  Good Morning. Sherri is still passed out and will be for hours from the looks of things. Her TV show taping thingy is at 12:30 so goign to have to roust her soon.

                  I thought the one guy was Samuel L. Jackson but he looked so different in person, across the intersection, and in the movie gear I wasn't a 100% sure. He was a heck of a neat guy with the fans though. He stood around after taking pictures with kids, signing autographs and things it was cool to see. I've seen enough of these tings in Vegas it was not a big enough deal to try to get in the hub bub but I must admit, it is much more fun to watch on vacation than in a uniform. I have no clue who the other fellow is. The lady wasn't at the shooting. I don't get into this celebrity worship thing.

                  I'm afraid I will have to pass on the West Hollywood store. I can only imagine. I still want to know how you know about it too young man?

                  As for Spearmint Rhino, why would I ditch my wife? She's going down there this afternoon to see her old girlfriends. She used to dance there. We have one in Vegas too.

                  Regarding the balloon hats; Hindsight being 20/20 these were a poor tactical decision admittedly but heh, once they're on your head you forget all about them.

                  We went out again last night and checked out the mall and walked back down Sunset and Hollywood and around the area a bit and I hate to say it, but Fremont in Vegas is much scarier at night than this area. We must not have trudged far enough into the wrong areas. We'll try harder tonight [Wink]


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                    Originally posted by Sig220Man:
                    "And you would know about this place how??"

                    I went out for drinks after end of watch one day with several officers. After a few drinks, someone who had once worked in Hollywood brought up the idea of a field trip to the Pleasure Chest. We picked a sober driver and went.

                    Like I said, it was very educational. However, I highly recommeng going with someone of the opposite sex as this is likely to prevent any unwelcome overtures.


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                      Glad you're having fun. Don't forget to let us know when you make your TV debut.

                      Got a chuckle out of the tattoo comment. My son got some when he was in the Navy. I can't understand why anyone would do that to themselves, but appearances aren't the most important thing (except to someone entering the Miss America contest).

                      [ 11-12-2002, 10:31 PM: Message edited by: Snoopy1 ]


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                        Originally posted by Underdog:
                        went out for drinks after end of watch one day with several officers. After a few drinks, someone who had once worked in Hollywood brought up the idea of a field trip to the Pleasure Chest.

                        hmmmmmmmmm....a bunch of cops looking at dildos.. eh? ummm.. sounds "fun"... [Eek!]

                        What bar were you guys in? The "Gold Coast" in West Hollywood?


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                          [QUOTE]Originally posted by occiferdave:

                          "What bar were you guys in? The "Gold Coast" in West Hollywood?"

                          It wasn't the Gold Coast. Other than that, I think that I will just plead the 5th.


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                            Well, it's Wed. morning. Still haven't been able to roll the wife out of bed. we spent all afternoon at a TV show taping. That was very entertaining but a long day. Came back to the hotel and enjoyed a moonlit rooftop swim for a couple of hours then off for pizza and cold stone. Was a nice way to end the trip. We're getting up this morning (at least that was the plan but she isn't budging) and doing some churchy things here then rolling home hard as I log on at 1600 today. My partner's covering if I'm running late so no need to stress.

                            I have to say, even though I'm only seeing 3 small areas, I'm way more impressed with LA than I thought I would be. Even the homeless here were polite. I'm sure having no smog made a big difference. Driving down here on the same route we take to San Diego we were amazed you could actually see the hill on the other side of theCajon canyon so I'm sure it's not like this normally.

                            The don't know when the shows (they taped two) will air. We just have to watch the web site and not all tapings do air. I'll let you all know if one does.


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