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Got Milk? Or Maybe Not..


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  • Got Milk? Or Maybe Not..

    posted: 11-11-2002

    The animal-rights group PETA has made David Duke a poster boy for one of its issues.

    A picture of Duke -- the former Ku Klux Klan leader, state Representative and gubernatorial candidate -- is on a billboard put up in Shreveport by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals encouraging people not to drink milk. The billboard is located on the Industrial Loop near the General Motors plant.

    Sporting the white mustache that has become the trademark for the dairy industry's "Got Milk?" campaign, Duke's picture carries the caption: "Got (lactose) intolerance? The white stuff ain't the right stuff." PETA's logo and "" is on the bottom right corner.

    PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich called Duke the perfect milk-industry poster child, since he's identified by many as being

    PETA objects to the treatment of dairy cattle, and also argues that dairy products have some health drawbacks, including lactose intolerance.

    Friedrich said advertising agencies in New Orleans and Baton Rouge refused to put up the billboard. The one here, which went up last week, is the only one planned and will be displayed for about a month, Friedrich said. PETA paid $2,400 for the billboard space, he said.

    The "Got Milk?" campaign web site is

    Taken From: KTBS News

    I hope he's not against milk merely because of it's color

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    Oh brother...
    If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?


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      What about peanuts? Aren't they treated poorly? They grow peacufully in their fields, then savagely yanked outof their field and sent off to the peanut butter plant. They are crushed and ground into peanut butter. There are people that have an allergic reaction to them just like milk.

      Who is going to stand up for peanuts?
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        I like milk. I have four gallons of the stuff in my fridge, and I'll be out of it by the weekend.


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          I love milk, too. I've read some reasons not to drink it, but right now not enuf to change my habits.

          Men may want to think differently as it's been linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer. However, some studies say it's not enuf data yet to change your eating habits.

          Here's the ad PETA got in trouble for running the last time.

          [ 11-11-2002, 10:05 PM: Message edited by: jellybean40 ]
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            I have drunk a gallon of milk a day for as long as I can remember, and am way healthier than those pasty-skinned, anorexic, stringy-haired communists at PETA. Leave me the h*ll alone - I will eat any damn food I please! And leave the farmers alone - they care more about their animals than any hippy does! If the farmer mistreats the animals and production drops, he will lose the farm. They have a huge stake in treating the animals well. I grew up around farms, and never saw cattle or any other livestock mistreated.

            There is no convincing, credible evidence that milk and meat is unhealthy. The most sickly people I have ever met are militant vegetarians.
            Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

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              PETA shows that mental health is indeed a precious gift.


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                I used to love milk but I don't drink it now because it is relatively high in carbohydrates. You can get sufficient calcium from other sources though so not drinking milk is healthy as well. To each their own though..

                I read somewhere that it is actually torture to a cow NOT to milk it. Can anyone verify that?
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                  I don't drink milk unless it has some chocolate mixed with it! Can't stand the taste.


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                    I love milk, but don't drink it like I used to, and when I do drink it, I usually have 1%, but buy 2% for the kids. As of late, it's been water, water, and more water (at least 3 liters a day).

                    My brothers used to go through a gallon + a day. They used to drive my mother insane.


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                      read somewhere that it is actually torture to a cow NOT to milk it.
                      It'd be torture to me if I couldn't pee. Not quite the same, but close I'd imagine.


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                        Duke I know personally and will do anything for a Dollar Bill. He makes his living off of rasing campaign money and the people that follow him. He hasn't had a decent job in his life. I knew him before I was a LEO and then belonged to the Klan as a plant as a LEO to get information on what they were doing in the New Orleans and Louisiana areas and what they might be planning. I was an Leo and his personal body guard for over a year. I got to admit it got interesting at times when marches were taking place and things started heating up. They gave me no specific orders what to do in the event of a riot situation. If you were working under cover on drugs or vice they just took you in with everyone else not to bust your cover. This wasn't a clear cut deal. It would have been a hell of a deal if they started shooting at the robe and you were the police. I wouldn't have had much backup. I guess that's why they put me there, I was young and stupid then. [Wink]
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