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  • Embarassing moment

    What was your most embarrassing moment, on or off duty?
    "Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are." - Bertold Brecht

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    One time when I was out on a traffic stop, I was writing the ticket, standing next to the guys door talking to him when dispatch comes over the radio and told me to call my mother when I was not 10-6 (busy). The guy I was writing the ticket to laughed and I could see my FTO in the car laughing as well.
    "But officer, that stop sign is usually not there!" It appears as though it is there today ma'am!


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      Originally posted by Ron757:
      The guy I was writing the ticket to laughed and I could see my FTO in the car laughing as well.
      I just had this flashback on the movie, "Stop! Or my Mom will shoot".You know Estelle Getty is very tiny.She sure looked funny with the 44 magnum. Stallone is having heart attacks at her antics.Her little dog in her purse going everywhere with her. Stallone getting the "Mommy calls" at Station. Her Joey. Really a cute movie.


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        [QUOTE]Originally posted by Ron757:

        I do hope my signature is not offensive.It was not meant to be at all.If I need to change it I can.Ron's is funnier.

        I know right now it is hard for America and Police Officers and maybe a little smile helps.The disabled Vets are having a tough time right now too.They are mad as all heck and feel they cannot do anything about it.It is as if for the first time the American public is really seeing them and their sacrifices. Talking about it openly.It's healing.


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          Lawdog was a fresh pup and was very eager to learn his patrol district and help out his teammates.

          We get a chronic alarm call that was out in the middle of nowhere. The road was a power line trail, and didn't show up on the map. I had the directions and started following them when I came across a fork in the road. It was nothing but sugar sand, and went downhill. The road forked, but they went side by side. Assuming they went at the same angle, I went to the right. Wrong answer, sports fans! It was steep, long, bumpy and the sand was deep.

          I was committed. I couldn't back up, so I had to go forward. Yup, I got stuck. I had the Sgt give me an I-call to see if could get me a tow truck. "You'll have to get on Admin channel and make the request through central". Great, here I go.

          Lawdog: Central, I need a 10-81(tow truck)at X Street and X Street.
          Dispatcher: What's the nature of the car problem?
          Lawdog: DAV(Disabled Vehicle)
          Dispatcher: What's wrong with it?
          Lawdog: (really getting annoyed about now)it's stuck, Central
          Dispatcher:In sand?
          Lawdog: (really ****ed now at playing 20 questions, only clicks his mike, which is an action that brings the wrath of dispatchers down upon officers' heads)
          Dispatcher: 10-9(repeat), I only got a click.
          Lawdog: Yes
          Dispatcher: What's the vehicle description?
          Lawdog: Four door passenger vehicle
          Dispatcher: What make?
          Lawdog: Ford
          Dispatcher: What color?
          Lawdog: White.
          Dispatcher: Is this your vehicle?
          Lawdog: (wind out of sails)Yes, is.
          Dispatcher: (cheerfully)10-4

          By now I've got 4 of my "brothers" at the scene making me feel better about myself!

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            I really like your new sig line, too, Lawdog.
            [email protected] "Where there is love, there is no imposition"- Albert Einstien.


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              FLLawdog, your story reminds me of something that happened while I was on a ride-along a couple of weeks ago. We were at the station when an alarm call came out. The officer I was riding with and another officer responded to the call. The other officer, upon arrival, attempted to pull his vehicle up next to the fence so that he could climb on his car to get over the fence. He ended up high-centering his unit on the curb. He radioed in telling dispatch that he needed a wrecker. Somehow the dispatcher guessed that something was up, and asked "which UNIT will this be for?" thereby allowing every officer listening to the radio to know that this officer was stuck!

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              "Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of me. Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or we grow weak, and at last some crisis shows what we have become." - B.F. Wescott


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                Ok, fess up time.......

                Small town, population 2900, 3 Officers, working night shift (Officer #3).

                Driving down a curved street (one of two in town), when I passed an alley. Something didn't "feel" right, so I hit the brakes.

                Put the car (1978 Malibu) in reverse and hit the gas. Accelerated rapidly to back up to the alley, in an almost perfect sraight line.

                Imagine my surprise when I impacted a 1977 Chevy pickup. and caused $1200 damage to my patrol car, and about $1000 damage to the pickup!!

                The embarassing part? calling my boss at 0145 and telling him that I need him to come out and work an accident.......that I was involved in!! (and caused)

                The farmer that owned the truck wasn't upset at all; he was just happy that we were working in his area!!

                That was the only accident that I have ever had that was MY fault.

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                  I had to go pick up a prisoner in a different county and bring him back to our detention center. I had never been there, so I had dispatch print me out a set of directions by computer( big mistake).

                  I'm walking out of dispatch reading the instructions and I get in a conversation with another officer. "Thats a pretty quick run" he says. "You'll be back in no time". So we talk about how to get there. I'm pretty sure after talking to him, that I can find it fairly easy. What I did not know, was that I only had page ONE of a TWO page instruction sheet.

                  I ended up 3 countys away from where I was suppose to be. About 4 hours later I figured it out, when I went to the local police station and asked a guy where this place was at. I gave him the instruction sheet ,he read it and said "Its sounds like its here, but my mom works at this place and its 125 miles in the other direction". So he give me instructions, and I arrive about 6 hours latter than anticipated. In the mean time , the dispatcher has put out a BOLO across the whole state for ME. Of course ,being in mountainous terrain, my radio is basically dead as soon as I get out of my own county.

                  I finally arrive at the right place and everyone in the jail is laughing at me. The Shift Seargent hands me a phone and says " I think you'd better call your Shift Officer". So I do and he harrases me unmercifully, laughing the whole time.He then has me call the discpatcher, who happens to be the one that I went to CLEO class with and she makes a big issue out of it, telling me that she has called my wife, the sheriff, and everyone on shift to see where in the heck I am.
                  I did get my man. What should have been a 2 hour run ended up blowing a whole shift.
                  I only had 6 bucks to my name, and ended up filling up the patrol car with my own credit card just to have enough gas to get home.

                  I still get wise cracks about that one, every time I have to transport somebody.
                  The other day I was on patrol and we got a message for any available officer to return to station for a transport. I was close, so I checked in with dispatch. The same dispatcher as before. She asked me if I needed an Atlas and if I had enough gas. The transport was to the next county ,about 12 miles away. I could here everyone in the background laughing their tails off. Then one of the other deputys keys up and asks me if I needed him to "escort" me to the next county to make sure I dont get lost, he is laughing so hard he can barely talk. I say thanks but no thanks, then dispatch keys up and reminds me to "be sure to fill up the gas tank before I leave" and if I have any questions on how to ge there be sure to call her.She even asks me if my wife will be riding along for directions. They all got it kick out of it . Even my darling wife harasses me about that one. I think I'll be hearing about this for awhile.
                  "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

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                    A few years ago, my partner and I were going after a speeder who also happened to nearly miss a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk. By the time we caught up to him, he was stopped at a red light, and another vehicle had pulled in behind him.

                    As soon as the light turned green, he hit the forward reds to get the car in front of us to move over (as required by CA law), so that we could pull over the actual violator. However, the driver of the car in front of us apparently failed that question on her DMV test, and kept motoring along as usual.

                    After a couple city blocks of this, my partner began to openly express his frustration, to be heard by himself and me only. Or at least that was his intent.

                    Unfortunately, the car's PA system (specifically a previously unknown short in it) wasn't aware of my partner's game plan. I knew something was wrong when:

                    1. Uninvolved citizens, with shocked looks on their faces, began staring at us;
                    2. I heard my partner's voice, complete with four-letter words and colorful opinions about female drivers, echoing off nearby buildings;
                    3. I heard my own voice echoing off those same buildings as I said, "Uh, partner, I think the PA's stuck open."

                    At least the woman in the car in front of us finally pulled over!

                    To this day, I don't know how or why we never got beefed for that!


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                      I read that and felt so sorry for you as I was reading. I had a similar thing. I was an investigator and we had TWO new Nissans stolen from a Nissan lot in one night. We got a message from SC that they had a state-wide task force investigating auto theft, and that this was probably a ring they were already working. They were having a monthly meeting that week, and urged me to come-it was in Columbia. Chief okayed it, and told me it would take 1 1/2 hours, and I could drive it on one tank of gas. I asked for the PD's gas credit card, just to be on the safe side. He ASSURED me, it would not take more than a tank, and did not give me the card.

                      Wanting to be professional and impress the SC guys, and allowing a reasonable time to find the building, I left at 7:00 AM (the meeting was at 9:00 AM) I realized I might be in trouble when I was just getting through Charlotte in the chief's "aaaar 'n a haf." I'd never driven to Columbia and the chief had, and I was a young officer, so I believed him. He said Columbia was 20-25 minutes past Charlotte (anybody who knows the area can already see I got screwed.)

                      To sum it up, I got there at 10:30 (meeting was over and most were gone) and then had to drive home on "E." Finally stopped 75 miles from home and had to use my "lunch money" (thanks honey) for gas. I was irate and went to see the chief about the "one tank of gas." He was shocked-he said it never took him more than one tank (in his diesel F-250 truck!!!!!!!!!!!)

                      When I first saw this thread, I couldn't really think of a bad moment of embarrassment on duty. Right off, the first thing that come's to mind is this:

                      Partner (in small departments, you often consider the other officer on shift as a "partner" even though you don't ride in the same car) and I were assigned to nightshift. I was having a terrible time staying awake-I just could not adjust to nights. I started drinking coffee to try to help. Before going to work one day, I went into town and bought a large thermos. I filled it up that evening, and put it in my car.

                      Up in the morning (3:00 or so) he and I met in a parking lot that was totally surrounded by high density residential. We pulled door-to-door, and I was really fighting the "Z Monster." I remembered the thermos, and poured a big stainless steel mug (12 -14 ounces) of coffee. I sipped it and it was WAAAAY to hot, so I sat it on the arm rest (remember the huge arm rests in the mid-80's Crown's) to cool. I then fell asleep while my coffee (WHICH I WAS DRINKING SO I WOULDN'T FALL ASLEEP) cooled. Partner said later he planned to set there-as you know, if you can just close your eyes for 5 minutes sometimes, you're okay.

                      Dispatch called me out of the blue (they always asked "Car 10-8?", but they specifically called for me) and it startled me-I lunged for the mike, hitting the big cup of scalding hot coffee. Suddenly, the siren started going off (the unit was off-the few ounces that didn't go down my leg had shorted it out.) Actually, "going off" doesn't describe it. It made a conglomeration of tones I have never heard before or since. It went on it's own from "wail" to "hi-lo" to "three fighting cats" to...

                      Picture this: I'm sitting there JUST awakened from a sleep, my right leg feels as if I've had napalm poured down it, the siren is BLAAARING in the middle of this residential neighborhood at 3 AM, lights are coming on, I'm slapping at the siren, my partner's yelling "Turn it off! Turn it off!" and I'm yelling "It IS OFF!" and my brain is throbbing trying to process all this after just waking up.

                      My "partner" dies laughing, and then cranks up and takes off, leaving me. I finally take off to get out of the area, and the siren burns out.

                      I finally put on a "normal" voice call dispatch and asked "Did you have traffic?" They replied "10-4, 10-21 (call by phone) when not 10-6, reference a keep check."

                      My partner and I are still best friends, and he LOVES telling this story to this day.
                      People have more fun than anybody.


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                        Sgt Dave,

                        I had one I was going to tell, but after laughing so hard at yours, I know there is NO WAY that I could top it!
                        6P1 (retired)


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                          Tell it brother!
                          People have more fun than anybody.


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                            Yes, tell it, Don! I have neevr done anything embarassing in my whole life so I am enjoying this thread immenley!


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                              Back in the mid seventies, I had a Honda CB750K that was fully dressed. I pulled into the parking lot at the PD one evening just as another officer arrived. He parked right beside me and we started talking. He was standing, I was still astride the bike.

                              When our conversation was finished, he headed for the squad room and I got off my bike to do the same. I hadn't put the kick stand down however. . .
                              6P1 (retired)


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