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list of polygraph questions


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  • list of polygraph questions

    Can anyone out there run off a list of the typical questions asked in the poly? If it helps, I am applying to CA police depts. only.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Happened to an officer I know...

    Polygrapher: What do you consider abnormal sex?
    Officer: Abnormal sex?
    Polygrapher: Would you consider sex with a goat abnormal?
    Officer: Well hell yes!

    ( I know another guy who had...relations with a doberman in a underage drunken incident and still passed...)

    But back to your question. those most typically asked are:

    Name, birthday, address

    Ever killed anyone

    What crimes you've committed and have you been convicted of any

    Just a few but those are some of the major ones at least...

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      Don't forget the,

      Have you ever had sex with farm animals? Ewww how gross.

      Have you had sex with a minor?

      If you have a dog, has it ever been in the room when you had sex with your partner?

      And has your dog ever participated in the actual sex act?

      You know, come to think about it. My polygraph examiner was awful interested in my sex life. He even took 4 hours to ask me the same 15 questions about sex in different order. Anybody see a pattern here.

      "To each his own"


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        4 Hours??? Entire polygraphs aren't supposed to last that long.


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          If they ask you on a poly if you ever stole and you said yes and you also said yes on the questioner and app.

          What will there next ques be???

          Will they ask you to name everytime then ask if that is all???

          What if I stole something very small like baseball cards when i was small and dont remember.

          Since all my stealing was when i was less than 17 or 16 and i am 25 almost 26 now I dont remember everything i stole to a T????


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            I thought not Patrickm98. My friend just passed hers for PPD and it only took 2 hours. I am beginning to wonder if i must have looked like a real criminal who had wild sex parties.
            "To each his own"


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