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To be a cop today


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  • To be a cop today

    To be a cop today….

    Get dressed for work having to wear body armor and kiss your family good bye not knowing if you will come home.
    Having to be able to solve the world’s problems in the few minutes you have to handle the call.
    Respond to the drowning of an 18-month-old baby and perform CPR until rescue arrives. Then go home and hug your own child while trying to hold back the tears knowing the other baby didn’t make it.
    To comfort the new Officer on their first suicide call after they held the hand of a dying sole that couldn’t take life’s pain anymore.
    Having to tell the parents of a 16-year-old girl their daughter died in a car crash and hold back your tears, most of the time failing to do so.
    Tell the elderly widow that her life savings are gone because she got scammed and there’s nothing you can do about it because of a “loophole” in the law.
    Re-arrest the same bad guy you already have 10 other times after he killed the owner of a small business during yet another robbery.
    Lose yet another case in court on a career criminal because of a slick talking defense attorney addressing a jury because they have no clue to the Defendants past.
    Sitting in your patrol car hoping to get a break and catch up on the mountain of paperwork to be interrupted and give the lost tourist directions to the beach.
    Having a grown adult walk past you and utter, “I smell bacon.”
    Arresting a 12-year-old boy for strong armed robbery and have the parents tell you “that you’re just picking on their son”.
    Meeting with your partner and having to listen to his financial problems because of the pay we receive.
    Trying to grab a quick cup of coffee at the 711 and you hear the sneers of other customers saying your loafing on the job.
    Being bothered with a stupid question during the 30 minutes you have during you’re meal break.
    Get spit on during a disturbance call and arrest the guy to have a complaint follow saying you used excessive force during the arrest.
    Pull the same motorist over three times for speeding then going to IA because you are accused of “harassing” him.
    Being terminated on a vehicle pursuit after the suspect shot at a fellow officer knowing he’ll probably get away with it.
    The joy of a 5-year-old boy asking you if he can shake your hand.
    Transporting a prisoner to the jail while you listen to him tell you how he is going to kill you and you’re family when he gets out.
    Being out with you family and have a guy you arrested come up to you and threaten you.
    Helping the small child who missed their bus get home safely.
    Telling the mother that you arrested the man who molested their child while hoping he doesn’t get off on a technicality.
    Having to attend another cop’s funeral and hear those bag pipes watching his wife cry and his young children stand there not having a clue what is wrong.
    This is what it is like on a daily basis for a cop today. If you read this, think about it the next time you see one of us.

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    Don't feel so lonely, not all of us are that way. I actually say hello most of the time a see a leo.


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