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    I hit another one, Saturday.

    This is my fourth deer in two years. Is this normal? The Baltimore County officer who responded (the deer was still alive) was making fun of me for the amount of impacts I've had with these damn animals.

    I'm going to mount a machine gun onto my car, and it's going to shoot these damn things down if they get within a quarter mile of the road.


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    A lot of damage to your jeep?
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      No damage.


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        Think you got it tough ?

        Some guys from Lousiana came up to work for a few weeks to help us out and make some big bucks.

        In the last few weeks, several deer have been killed on the road in front of the plant due to vehicles.

        Naturally, the subject of deer came up. One guy had hit 17 deer on the way to work . Another had hit 12. The average is around 7 or 8.
        Every mechanic in the shop had run over a deer at one time or another. So far, the record is 23 deer killed by one individual in his 7 years at the company.

        Personally, Ive only tagged 2, one was in my drive way the other was about 100 yards from my house, well actually I didnt hit it, it hit me.

        Feel lucky to be alive. Deer vs. Car accidents is the number one cause of death by wild animal in the country. To put it in perspective, the state of New York kills more deer on the highway in a years time than the whole state of Arkansas kills in a deer season.

        BTW.. if you are going to mount a machine gun on your jeep, just make sure you have the class 3 tax stamp from the ATF...
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          No damage, you're not hurt great. Road Kill. free dinner down here.
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            You know, the cop actually said, "do you want to take this deer?"

            The only time I was afraid of being in an accident with another car as a result of hitting a deer was my first one -- damn thing almost knocked me into oncoming traffic.


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              You know, the cop actually said, "do you want to take this deer?"

              Well, did you?
              Bill R


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                And leave it in my backseat for six hours while I deliver pizzas? No. Plus, it was still alive.


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                  Personally, I don't know if they work or not, but a LOT of people down here SWEAR by those 'deer whistles' that you mount on your front bumper.
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                    They don't have a frig or freezer at the pizza joint? [Wink]
                    Bill R


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                      I don't think the manager would be happy if I brought a live deer in and stuck it back there. Plus, it was bleeding all over the place.


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                        Crazy, Of course you would want to kill the deer and field dress before putting it in the walk-in at work. I hope somebody took care of the deer.

                        [ 11-11-2002, 11:20 AM: Message edited by: Bill R ]
                        Bill R


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                          Deer are overrunning civilization in many parts of the country due to under-hunting. PETA would rather see them killed by cars than harvested to feed someone's family. Their political pressure has been effective, particularly in the east. The best part was when some PETA terrorist totaled his car by hitting a deer. They're suing the local DFW for mismanaging the herd.

                          In Oregon deer are property of the state, and no one is allowed to take a road-struck deer home. The F&W troopers are able to take them to a mission, but by the time they get there the deer is usually no good.

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                            I've hit a few in my liftime, luckily i was never hurt but the vehicle was. They really do need to manage the herds around here. I love animals, but it's true that it's worse for them to be hit by cars then killed in some other way and be useful for food. My yard and road are full of them every nite, along with turkeys. I have a couple guys from work coming over to get their Thanksgiving dinner soon

                            In a nearby town, a woman was killed last year when a vehicle coming in the other direction struck a deer and it flew into her windsheild. She was driving her 2 young sons, who were physically OK, but how traumatic was that to them.
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                              Crazy, as you can imagine the Light Rail snags more than it's fair share of deer every year. One of the rail supervisors has almost given up deer hunting since he gets most of the ones hit by the train. More than enough for him and his family, friends and neighbors as well as some people from work. When he hears that the train has struck a deer he races to the scene and field dresses the deer.

                              The Baltimore County officer would have to kill the deer whether you wanted it or not so ya shoulda went for it. Good eatin'.
                              In God we trust, all others are run MILES and NCIC.


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