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  • a pearl of wisdom

    This story was told to me the other day by a fellow officer. He said that he heard it in the academy, but he doesn't know if it is a joke or a true story. Anyway.......

    Four cops are in an armed standoff with a suspect holding a hostage. The cops are all yelling and screaming for the suspect to drop the gun, but he won't comply.

    Another police car rolls up to the scene with the department's two standard issue grizzled old veterans. One of the officers steps out of the car, draws his weapon, and then calmly but firmly tells the suspect to drop his gun. The suspect quickly complies. He is then cuffed and secured by the other officers.

    After all of the smoke has cleared, one of the original officers on scene asked the guy why he wouldn't comply with their instructions but he dropped the gun instantly when told to do so by the other cop.

    The suspect responded, "Because when he drew his gun and told me to drop mine, his partner stuck his fingers in his ears."
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    I hope it's true...but it's priceless anyway.
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      From what I seen over the years it probally is true. My favorite was if you had problems with a subject that didn't want to be artrested and not fighting was to make out you were on the radio ordering an emergency unit. When they asked why you were ordering a unit I explained it was for them because I planned on arresting them no matter what I had to do. The expressions on there face were priceless. You didn't have much trouble most of the time after that. [Wink]
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