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Price check.....aisle 5 on a car with a bad engine


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  • Price check.....aisle 5 on a car with a bad engine

    After a loving and faithful relationship, my car has passed on. The engine is shot. Turns out the oil pump went, I never noticed the idiot gauge telling me there was no oil pressure (or it didn't work....we'll never know). oil in the engine = a siezed engine. Realistically, it's just not practical for me to replace the engine, as I had plans on selling it anyway.

    It's a 1989 Pontiac Firebird, in otherwise good shape. Body's in excellent shape, new brakes, new custom exhaust. It has 95,000 miles on it. All the basic BS.....PW,PL, Automatic. It really has never given me any problems until now.

    According to Kelly Blue Book (, the retail value with the engine running is just over $4,000.

    So here's my question...

    I have someone interested in it, who knows the condition it's in (he's a friend of mine that is also a mechanic, he's done some work to it in the past) so as is, with it needing an engine, what do you think it's worth? Any suggestions?

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    I'll give you 20 bucks for it!


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      Are you more worried about the friend being happy or you? If you want your friend happy, give it to him for $1500-2000 and he should have nothing to complain about.


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        (KBBValue - cost of parts) - 10 to 15 %


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          I was a sales manager of a small car dealership, mostly European lux mobiles, but a guy has to eat, so I would buy cars such as yours and newer to flip at the auction. Personaly I hated selling cars to friends, cause it always comes back to haunt you later (keep that in mind). Since I would have to make some money, I would pay no more than $1,500., try and get it from you for around ,$1,200. The one thing about Kelly's is that its typically out between 5% to 2% and thats minus......In the middle of my prices would be fair......

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            In my opinion, you will only get a good price on that car from someone who really wants it. A bad motor reduces the value a great deal.


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