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Man pays for ipad, gets sack of potatoes


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  • Man pays for ipad, gets sack of potatoes


    If someone offers to sell you cheap gadgetry on the street, you'd be wise to question what you're actually buying and where it's come from.

    At the very least you should probably check the Apple iPad you think you just snagged for £200 isn't really a bag of old potatoes.

    And while we'd think this goes without saying, police in Yorkshire have just issued a warning after someone was conned out of their cash in what's being dubbed the iPotato scam.

    Officers say a 31-year-old man was recently approached in Batley and offered an Apple iPad for just £200. When he said yes, the men drove to a nearby cash machine and he happily handed over his money.

    However, it was only after the obviously reputable vendor had driven away that the gullible buyer decided to look in the supposedly iPad-containing laptop bag he'd been given.

    That's when he discovered that rather than the Apple device he'd really been given a bag of potatoes. Oops.

    PC Teresa McCarter of the Batley NPT told the Yorkshire Post: "It should be common sense to check that you are getting what you pay for but as a similar incident to this one in Birstall took place in the summer we are warning people to be wary of accepting deals that seem to be too good to be true."

    The suspect is said to be a chubby white man in his 40s, with dark blonde hair and an Irish accent... and a sack full of potatoes.
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    They couldn't even spring for Yukon Golds for the poor guy?

    Who could possibly be stupid enough to not even look in the bag, much less expect an iPad for that cheap?!
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      That is the oldest scam from back in the day with bricks in a TV box. How does anyone fall for that still?
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        Whats taters precious?

        Back in the day here locally it was a van selling speakers for real cheap.
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