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Atheist Cop - Problems?


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  • Atheist Cop - Problems?

    Now, I debated putting this in the "Ask a Cop" forum... but decided to put it here. Do you think a cop, if it became known he/she was an atheist, would have a hard time being promoted/getting respect/etc in an average PD? I know that statistics have said that an Atheist politician would lose 50% of the vote right away if the voters knew... was wondering if this same attitude is in the PD.

    Thank you for your time!

    (PS: No religious debates, please - just need to know if it's something I should "hide" for my own good)

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    What your religious beliefs are do not matter. At my department, people simply don't bring up religion at all. There are many officers I work with whose religious affiliation I cannot identify without asking.

    To be honest with you, after a brush with death (or three, or three hundred) you do start to believe in some sort of divine intervention though.


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      Ditto what Sig said.
      I do not know what religious affiliation the members of my dept are nor do I care to know, it's none of my business.
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        Maybe in a small PD in the South (bible-belt). Really small towns have a way of making a mountain out of a molehill. Otherwise no one should care.

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          Theoretically, promotions at my department are based on civil service tests. However, certain positions within the department are well known to prepare officers for promotion. At one time, there was rumored to be a close knit group of high ranking Christian officers within the department. Those officers who belonged to the same church were supposedly given preference for the coveted positions. Hence, religion may have been a factor at that time.


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            If it worries you, how about just keeping your religious beliefs, no matter what way they lean, out of the work place and skipping the problem all together.


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              Never seen a problem with faith at work yet. We have two pagan officers, some non-denominationals, and the rest are a mix of the major christian religons. But like Nite mentioned....if you have concerns.....then don't broach the subject with anyone.....and don't volunteer it either. Just be quiet, no need for principals to screw things up for ya.

              But like Sig....when you shake hands with death once or twice and live......your perspective on things change and you come to think there just might be something out there saving your butt.

              Besides....can't imagine being an athesit...what do you scream during sex? "Oh...Oh...Non-Diety!"

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                As has already been posted Jason, it should NOT be a problem for you. In MOST locations. There ARE areas however, where it would be. I wouldn't try to go to work in any rural area of Utah or most of rural Idaho. Rural Kansas could be a problem too, as well as areas of Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

                You'll have a lot less problem in a larger city than in a smaller community, most likely.

                Edit: Speaking strictly for myself here: While I am (or at least try) to be a good Christian, I don't care WHAT your religion is. As long as you can do your job, and back me up when needed I could care less what your religious beliefs and views are, or are not.

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                  Reminds me of a joke:

                  Did you hear about the agnostic, dyslexic insomniac?

                  He laid awake all night wondering if there really was a dog.

                  I'll wait for a while so you can process that.
                  Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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                    I would think as long as your personal beliefs do not interfer with your duties as a police officer or would bring discredit to the police department ( such as bathing in blood nude in a cemetary at night ) it should not matter what you believe.
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                      Ditto what Nite said.


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                        I gotta say Don is on the right track.

                        I personally don't care what deity you are or aren't praying to right before we go through a door........... I just want someone I feel comfortable going through said door with.


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                          Thanks, it's good to know. I've just heard (and read) reports of "politics" in the PD a lot, so I was wondering if this was something that would be detremental to me. Thanks for the info!


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                            At times it seemed that every member that I worked with was a member of the Masons, then for awhile here we R.C. out-numbered the other faiths.

                            Masons is a big draw for some of our guys, if for no other reason to have a way to fit into the community when you have to move every so often.

                            I have also known many current and retired RCMP who are K of C like me, and I joined it for the same reason the non-R.C. members joined Masons.

                            The RCMP now allows members of the Sikh faith to wear their beards and turbans while on regular and ceremonial duties, although they have to be of regimental blue or brown colour, dependent on the order of dress.

                            The only concern with religious beliefs would be if someone's faith involved human sacrifice - it might not look so good if you are an LEO/PO, but maybe that's just my narrow-minded view!
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                              I'm Lutheran but I doubt if any one I work with really knows it. I believe what I believe. I don't push religion on anyone and I can't remember anyone in our department having a problem with anyone's religious belief's. We had one guy once trying to convert everyone to a certain church and they just ignored him or told him they weren't interested. The way I feel is as long as you there when I need help that's good enough for me. No matter what you believe. So long as you believe in answering your radio. Keep it to yourself and you should be fine. Good Luck.
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