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If someone wrote a book


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  • If someone wrote a book

    Maaaaan! That's deep...

    My life? No, I think not. I'm happy, and have had lots of great experiences, but I don't think it stands above anyone else's.

    No, overall I don't think anyone would want to read it (unless of course we started the rumor it was on the NY Times Bestseller list, then everyone would want to read it!)

    "It's always easier to get people to believe your thoughts on something if you tell them Ben Franklin said it first."
    People have more fun than anybody.

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    Mine would probably be a cure for insomnia
    Optimistic pessimist: Hope for the best, but expect the worst.


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      Mine would probably an action-drama i guess and i think not much people want to read it...
      "A good cop stays a rookie at heart, excited by every shift."
      Stay Safe, @NeoCop


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        Mine would be like a whole time line of being banned from one forum to the next and then I die. Oh well. We all have to get banned sometime.


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          You've lasted here for a while.


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            Probably thanks to you, and the lack of so much PC bullsh*t that infests some other boards. An honest opinion should be accepted at face value, instead of killing the messenger.

            Thanks to all who have tolerated me.

            Wait! Did I just use the 'T' word?


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              I believe you're a closet "Kumbaya" type. I believe there's a little "warm and fuzzy, kinder, gentler" person trying to get out.

              You've been suppressing your true feelings...
              People have more fun than anybody.


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                I can picture the big peace flag hanging over his tool bench, soft Yanni music drifting through the air as he sips artesian mineral water to wash down his dinner of free range chicken and alfalfa sprouts.

                Come out of the closet Mike....... you can be yourself here. Let the inner liberal out.


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                  [cue cheap porno movie music]

                  Yeah baby......Brian does Dallas......

                  [end cheap porno movie music]

                  Then I wake up and realize I must have fallen asleep reading my book. Oh well.......
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                    STOP IT PLEASE

                    You are going to make my job as his "Mentor" of "How far is to far" much more complicated!!!!! Geez..........


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                      "Putting the gun to my head,,,, Don't stop me...I can't bear to be part of this...It really is us versus them! BANG! Damn, I missed..."


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                        Thank you all so much. Truly wonderful people. ....sob...

                        Love is real,real is love.
                        Love is feeling, feeling love
                        Love is wanting, to be love.
                        Love is touch, touch is love.
                        Love is reaching, reaching love.
                        Love is asking, to be love.
                        Love is you, you and me.
                        Love is knowing, we can be.
                        Love is free, free is love.
                        Love is living, living love.
                        Love is needing, to be love.

                        Tomorrow when I sober up I'll post 'Happiness is a warm gun..."


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                          If someone wrote a book

                          If someone wrote a book about your life, would anyone want to read it?

                          What would it be? A comedy? Adventure? Drama? Or maybe something that would fit better in Penthouse Forum?


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                            When you sober up?

                            I didn't know tomorrow was a special ocassion


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                              Yes I have to see my probation officer.


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