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  • &*$$#&*$&$!Mad!

    There, now I feel better! lol Somebody KEYED my car today! It's not much of a car.....95 Taurus station wagon.....But it's MINE and it's paid for! Why do people do these things? It's not like it's a Porsche or a Corvette! It's a grocery getter but I love it! Why are people so d*** Mean! My poor car!

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    When my wife and I bought our first new car, the first night, someone keyed every square inch of the car. They keyed it so deep that they couldn't repair the metal... they had to replace ever piece of bodywork on that car.

    They also keyed "Biches" into the hood. We tried to get prints but the car was too clean to lift anything.

    It broke my wife's heart because that was the first new car she had ever owned. But we had insurance and they paid for everything and all we had to pay was $50 deductable. The bill was over $2000 so it was a felony but they were never caught (although I had a real good suspicion who it was).

    It can be very upsetting but I just kept telling myself, this isn't the end of the world.

    Good luck,



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      It's not like it's a Porsche or a Corvette!

      LOL, so it's ok to key a porsche or a corvette? Just kidding.


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        I feel for you Mitzi, and can relate quite well. My wife and I both a car about 3 months ago.

        One day when my wife was at work, someone hit it on the parking lot and failed to report it. The really sad thing is that it happened only about a week or two of having it.

        Since the SOB didn't bother telling anyone, we had to file the claim on our insurance, with a $250 deductible.

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          lol No, it's not all right to key a porsche or corvette. But, it does make you wonder why they would single out my car that is just an everyday car, nothing special. They keyed both sides all the way down the side and I don't understand why.
          And cajuncop, having to pay that $250 would steam me too. That's a lot of money for something that wasn't your fault and didn't plan on having to spend.
          It's hard when you work so hard for all you have and then someone does something like that. I mean, my car is 6 years old, paid for and I'm proud of that. I will have to get it painted and pay the deductible.
          I am really upset about it. You work hard to get ahead and some lamer has to ruin it cause they are LAME,LAME, LAME!
          AARRGGHHHH!!!!!!!! I think I will go out in the back yard and scream! Wait, that may get me taken to the hospital! lol!

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            Mitzi, remember it is just a car! Seriously though I understand how you feel. Some people are just stupid and you will wear yourself out trying to figure out why they do things like that. I have a 1990 and it is so full of door dents, key marks, and scrapes from parking lots that I gave up. The only thing I can control is how I take care of the car--I have an interior which looks brand new so I just look at that. At least I know it won't get stolen!


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              I am proud of this car cause I paid for it myself with a lot of tutoring learning disabled and emotionally disturbed kids. It is hard, but rewarding, work.
              I am proud we have no car payments and now I have to pay for something some lamer did. I know it's just a car.

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                "It's just a car...It's just a car..?

                OH, now that sounds almost unamerican to me!

                Jim Burnes


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                  But it's MYYYYYYYYY car! waaaaaaaaaaa!


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                    Last summer, I went camping with some friends...93 in all....to play paintball for a week. My black 2000 Ford F150 SuperCab was brand new, so I was very protective of it. STILL am.

                    Anyway, I had a few folks scratch it up a bit through pure carelessness. I mean, it wasn't THEIR truck, ya know?

                    So....I bought some 'practice' claymore mines to set up around my truck for future such events.

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                      That surprises me that you have to pay for it. We had an incident at work last week where a group of juveniles broke some of our employees' windshields out. I just had them file criminal mischief reports with the police and told them to report it to insurance...and low and behold both of their policies fully covered vandalism (so they aren't out $200 for a new windshield).

                      What ****es me off about the thing was that the morons blamed ME for the incident. We have 2 private lots at our complex and are also adjacent to a street. Since the street is closer to the door, people would rather park there than the lighted, fenced lots with security camera coverage. Needless to say, these morons STILL think that I have a responsibility to watch their vehicles when they don't park on company property. It amazes me to see how many 'smart' newspaper reporters lack common sense.


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