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    Any good movies out there in theaters these days?
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    I'll post, You argue.


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      I saw 'Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers'.
      I think I'll see 'Narc' too.
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        NARC is looking good

        filmed for like three million bucks in 28 days (damn cheap)

        An undercover narc dies, the investigation stalls, so the Detroit P.D. brings back Nick Tellis, fired 18-months ago when a stray bullet hits a pregnant woman. Tellis teams with Henry Oak, a friend of the dead narc and an aggressive cop constantly under the scrutiny of internal affairs. They follow leads, informants turn up dead, Nick's wife is unhappy he's back on the street, Henry's protective of the dead cop's wife. Nick reads and re-reads the case file, broods, watches Oak's heavy-handed style, sometimes joining in. The brass want to close out the case, Nick and Henry stay on it, and bits of evidence point them to an auto body shop. What actually happened; will Nick ever know?

        comes out Friday.
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          LOTR- Awesome!

          I can't believe I'm saying this but Gangs Of New York looks good from the previews. I DON'T care for DiCaprio ("Uh...Rose...this is...bad..." ) but the movie looks like it MIGHT be worth seeing. They say that Daniel Day Lewis' portrayal of the bad guy is awesome.
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            I hardly go to movies anymore. They come out on DVD in 3-4 months, and for what my wife and I spend on one movie, I can get a DVD and watch it at home when I want to, pause it to get something, reverse it if I miss something, and oh, yeah, that Digital THX and big TV?
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              I see a LOT of movies. Here are the current ones I've seen, with brief opinions:

              Catch Me If You Can -- An excellent film, quite entertaining. DiCaprio is not really annoying in this one. In fact, he's pretty good.

              Adaptation -- I liked it, but it's a little esoteric and self-indulgent in places. It's obviously written with inside jokes for people in the entertainment biz, but it's watchable even for those without any knowledge of the business.

              Bowling for Columbine -- Goes nowhere. A waste of time. Michael Moore spends 90 minutes trying to figure out who to blame for gun violence in the US. He can't figure it out, so he gets an interview with Charlton Heston and badgers him rudely until he gets up and leaves. A few entertaining or thoughtful moments, but otherwise, crap.

              The Crime of Father Amaro -- Not for Catholics. I got protested when I came out of the theater here in DC. Decent movie, though, and decent story, if you understand Spanish or don't mind reading subtitles.

              Die Another Day -- Among the worst Bond films of all time. I enjoyed Moonraker more than this film. Brosnan is still a great 007, but I predict Bond fans will be disappointed with the film itself.

              8 Mile -- A feature length public relations project for Eminem. Forget it.

              Evelyn -- Pierce Brosnan playing an Irish father who lost his family to the Catholic church and went all the way to the Irish Supreme Court to get them back. True story. A little overdone, but worth a matinee or video rental.

              Frida -- A remarkably good film about Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter and wife of Diego Rivera. Salma Hayek can actually act, although the character's unibrow can be a little distracting. Surprisingly, there's plenty of romance, sex, and action, including the assassination of Leon Trotsky.

              Gangs of New York -- DiCaprio IS a little annoying in this one, and his Irish accent comes and goes at random. But the rest of the film is so well-done that you'll forget him. I highly recommend seeing it. One weird thing is that it's filled with shots of individuals and groups walking heroically toward conflict as this really discordant music plays, and afterward, any time you walk anywhere, you'll hear that damned music in your head and fall into rhythm with it in your steps.

              Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets -- I hated the first Harry Potter film, but this one is quite good. Head and shoulders above the first one. It's darker, better acted and better paced.

              Lord of the Rings -- Better than the first one, but 45 minutes too long. There were way too many panoramic helicopter shots circling characters on top of mountains. Get on with the story already. Geez.

              Star Trek: Nemesis -- If you're a fan of the Next Generation, you'll like this film. Interesting story, some excellent acting and a kick-*** starship battle sequence. Unfortunately, one of the characters is killed, in a way that real Trekkers will recognize is impossible in relation to what is known from previous movies about the future. Otherwise, great film.

              See, I told you I watch a lot of movies. Those don't count the ones on DVD. I'm also really looking forward to The Recruit and Daredevil, but I think the movies we'll eventually remember from 2003 are the Matrix sequels.


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                Lord of the Rings ------ Definitely.

                Completely worth the price of admission. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

                The bad thing is waiting for the 3rd movie. Oh well, it'll be out in Dec '03 [Frown]
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                  I don't go to the theater movies. I'll wait for the DVD and watch it on my own widescreen.

                  Watched Mel Gibson in We Were Soldiers last night, great movie,and excellent special effects if you like history based movies.
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                    Ya, We Were Soldiers was superb actually..

                    I didn't care for Gangs of New York. Bits were brilliant but it was overdone on the whole. Oh, and Leonardo CANNOT act!

                    You forget a very good movie that is still out Shaky.. Far From Heaven is only the best movie of last year!! A trult beautiful film actually.
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                      LOTR The Two Towers - Peter Jackson is a God. If you want to get spooked, rent "Signs", awesome.


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                        Just saw Lord of the Rings, it was good, but not as good as the first one.

                        Harry Potter was good, but not as good as the first one either.

                        Maid in Manhattn was ok, Lopez looked good, and that was about it for that one.

                        I liked Die Another Day, but there have definitely been better Bond films.

                        Gangs of New York was alright, Daniel Day Lewis carried that film in my opinion. Dicrapio and Diaz really cant act.

                        I think Road to Perdition was the best film of the year.

                        The there was The Sweetest Thing starring Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate, it was probably the worst move I have ever seen!

                        NARC is next on my list, that looks like an awesome movie!


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                          Two thumbs up for LOTR: The Two Towers. I would advise seeing it in the Theater and not waiting for it to come out on video although I will own that movie. I would like to see NARC and Die another Day here soon.


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                            Enemy at the Gates

                            This one came out a while back but you can rent it. I rented just the other day. Excellent movie about a german and russian sniper battling it out.


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                              Enemy at the Gates is good. My youngest liked it so much that he got the rifles of both sides used and they both shoot like a charm.
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