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McVeigh-The End


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    Many people do quesion the actions of the government. I think what Mcveigh did has put a restraint on the feds somewhat. The Clinton administration should have to answer for crimes, but unfortunatly the government has turned to many of us into do nothing sheep that keep taking it. But do not think no one questions them. We do. Personally what I think we should do is get organized and hurt the feds where it really counts and that is in the pocket book. That's just my opinion. Can you imagine the cry in Washington if a lot of people quit paying taxes? Of course I don't think we could get anywhere near enough people to go for that.


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      "I wished they locked him in a tiny, windowless cell for 24 hours a day only giving him enough food & water not to die."

      We put rabid animals down, this is no different. Don't care how maximum you lock him up, still a small chance of escape. Than what? More dead bodies? IMO you can't take that risk with the likes of this piece of sh*t.

      No greater COWARD ever lived. I sure hope the bastard asked for forgiveness.


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        I think he was a misguided fool. If his goals were to stop government


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          I agree with you we have a totally out of control federal government!

          While I strongly believe that McVeigh should have been executed, and he totally deserved to die, I have a great concern with the FBI and the missing documents. Sure they said that there was nothing in the 3,000+ pages of investigation that would prove McVeigh was innocent. But you know what? That isn't their decision to make, it is the decision of a jury and a judge overseeing a trial to decide what was germane to the case. It was up to a jury to decide if the evidence was sufficient to convict him, not the FBI! The FBI nor any other LE agency has the right to deny any American due process of law and withhold information! If the FBI can get away with doing this to a monster like McVeigh, what is there to prevent them from doing the same to other Americans?

          Okay, off my soapbox for awhile.



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            I have no pity for him at all. I've been reading alot the last weekend about Mcveigh.

            In one interview he was asked if he ever thought about showing his feelings toward the goverment in another way. He said he sometimes wished he had done what he originally planned, to carry out a spree of assinations against police and polotical officials.

            And the comment about his ashes, how he once wanted them to be spread over the memorial by helicopter. That just makes me sick.
            There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.

            Steven Wright


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              The sad thing of his execution is that his name is plastered all over the news. Why don't they do stories on the victims, and their families? Forget what's his name. To often we forget about the victims. I for one beleive in the death penalty..


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                This country enjoys celebrating individuals with extreme forms of expression. Unfortunately, whether negative or not the media will glamorize and the public will idolize these types of people. I'm sure for every 100 people that are truly disgusted with McVeigh there is 1 person that thinks he's a hero. That is just one of the sad facts of our society..

                Originally posted by Pintobean:
                The sad thing of his execution is that his name is plastered all over the news. Why don't they do stories on the victims, and their families? Forget what's his name. To often we forget about the victims. I for one beleive in the death penalty..


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                  I know my idea is kinda morbid, but I think the Federal Gov't should have stuck McVeigh's head on a pole outside the U.S. Capitol Buliding and sent his arms and legs to the four corners of the Union as a warning to those that would attempt this again.

                  Also, we were atleast kind enough to give him a painless, humane death....I think some Countries still reserve the right to Draw & Quarter people convicted of Treason.


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                    Originally posted by Moniter:
                    Remember, McVeigh said himself, that if those responsible for the Ruby Ridge and Branch Davidian raids were brought to justice, he wouldn't have bombed the Oklahoma Federal Building.

                    Yea, and if McVeigh said it, it must be true, right?

                    Originally posted by Moniter:
                    McVeigh was nothing more than a soldier

                    Right. And Josef Mengele was nothing more than a doctor. To say that McVeigh was acting as a soldier is an insult to anyone who has ever served. He was a coward, a murderer and a terrorist.


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                      The worst soldier I ever had to train is a better man than McVeigh could have ever hoped to be.

                      Jim Burnes
                      USA MPC
                      E8 (Ret)


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                        Originally posted by Moniter:
                        McVeigh was nothing more than a soldier - WE created him to do what he did.
                        His responses about the innocents killed were STRAIGHT out of Pentagon-speak - "collateral damage" is the euphemism for "killed innocent non-combatant civilians." He made a decision as a SOLDIER would do and was fully prepared to die for it, like a soldier would. Our army trained him.

                        For crying out loud, WE bombed TV stations in Belgrade; ALL of those people were "just doing their jobs," they all had families, NONE of them were in the army, carried weapons, shot at US Soldiers. Yet we killed them the same. We rationalized it as a people because they worked for Milosevic. Our Pentagon didn't give a **** about them; they were just in the way, too bad, "regrettable that lives were lost." It was as if McVeigh was reading from their debriefing script.

                        Well, McVeigh merely employed the same logic to kill workers for the Federal Government.

                        I want to know why nobody questions what our glorious Uncle Sam does, when it kills hundreds of regular, plainclothes civilians, yet we have a revenge fest when someone kills our civilians in the name of some cause.

                        Are we THAT propagandized to where we will accept the killing of mommies and children so long as our government places its stamp of acceptibility onto it?

                        The whole OK incident, like the Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents, was very fishy. Serious questions exist about how an air burst ANFO bomb could have done that level of damage to a modern, reinforced concrete building. But, it's all swept under the table...the FBI guys and the ATF guys get promoted. When they shot Weaver's wife, they lied throught the teeth in court about the whole incident until Forest Rangers in a fire tower a few miles away called bull**** on them. There have been so many lies and damned lies that have come out of our "law enforcement" agencies recently, that it's no surprise that those of us with a looser grasp on reality have started running around in the woods with camo on playing soldier and practicing blowing things up. It's also no surprise that some military-trained people, so inclined, might actually put a bomb in a truck and park it next to a Federal Building.
                        This is the Bullsh*t. Freedom of Speeech is one thing, but Sedition is another. You are defending a person that in my opinion, is not only a terrorist, but an Un-American Traitor. McVeigh is not a hero. He is a Criminal and worse.

                        More than just defending a criminal, to me you sound like you are advocating violence against the Government of the United States, that shows how much you respect this country and how you are one of the most ungrateful people I have ever seen on this forum.

                        Also, you need to get some of your facts straight concerning Waco and Ruby Ridge. The crap you are spouting are mostly biased lies and nothing more.(For Example, where did you get this Forest Ranger Station at RR crap?)_

                        And you are not only misinformed about U.S. foreign policy, but must also be stupid to believe that our Military would target civilian targets that have no strategic value.


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                          Monitor, young friend,

                          Waco and Ruby Ridge did not cause McVeigh's actions, they are merely his rationalization to make a big hit. Errors were made at those scenes, but not necessarily the ones he thought.

                          However, in the end, an antisocial personality who wanted to be famous committed mass murder. Good, he's dead.

                          Had he, or anyone else wanted to make a big splash in protest, perhaps he should have used the technique used by the Buddest Monks in Viet Nam (self-immolutaion?) or Ghandi's approach. He did not. He cowardly murdered 168 people.

                          I don't know if there will be closure on the part of his victims' families, but HE won't kill again.

                          "Remember. It's only a movie." Alfred Hitchcock.
                          "Remember. It's only a movie." Alfred Hitchcock.


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                            I can't believe you people are putting me on McVeigh's side. Fine, I'll bite.

                            Yea, and if McVeigh said it, it must be true, right?
                            He admitted guilt, so we're going to believe his confession, but not his statement of why? And why would he lie?

                            You are defending a person that in my opinion, is not only a terrorist, but an Un-American Traitor.
                            No sir, I believe you are mistaken. I love this country. I love it's constitutions, and I love it's ideals. I do not advocate violence against the Government. I do advocate change within the Government by constitutional means, and believe it is long overdue. Who was it that said, "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere?"

                            In your anger, I believe you misread my post! You've insulted me, and sir, you need to learn restraint. Sedition is a serious charge and I do not take it lightly. Perhaps you issue it lightly so I will let it go. But trust that the next person will not be so forgiving with your remarks, so be carefull.

                            "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it"

                            You can learn a lot from anything. No matter what the situation is, it is always an opportunity to learn! We have to come to the real reasons why so many died in Columbine. Not this video games did it bull****. We also have to learn why Timothy McVeigh killed those people. Our society is so blood-thirsty right now, we're not thinking straight. I understand! If my family were killed, I would be devestated.

                            To forget this situtation because that man is gone, is the ultimate in ignorance for the loss of human life. In a couple of years, perhaps we'll be able to take a more objective approach to this. I honestly hope we haven't heard the last of this dark page in our history.

                            And please do not take my words as disrespect against my fellow man in uniform (officer or soldier). This was a misguided man. He also was a soldier. Maybe he would have still bombed that building if he didn't serve, who knows? The point is, I appologize if I offended anyone.

                            I made a mistake in pitching opinions about his motivations. You people are obviously still upset and not ready to contemplate the reasons why this happened, and you can rest assured this is my last post on this thread. If you wish to continue to communicate me, feel free to e-mail me. [email protected] THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO FLAME, AND I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY MORE OF THE BLISSFULLY IGNORANT HATE MAIL I HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED!!! I DO INFO TECH WORK FOR A MULTI-BILLION CORP AND I DO KNOW HOW TO TRACE E-MAIL.


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                              As one of the morning TV shows was waiting for the warden to come out and make the announcement, they interviewed a mother and father grieving their daughter. The father said instead of a needle he thought McVeigh should be brought to OK City, tied in the square. Then people could throw small rocks at him increasing the rocks in size. He said that would be fair to the family. I agree.

                              And Monitor....your talk won't last long here. Too many ex military and loyal cops who will see through your militant BS right away.

                              "We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way." General George S. Patton

                              [This message has been edited by Guard Dog (edited 06-11-2001).]
                              "The view only changes for the lead dog." ~ Sergeant Preston of The Yukon ~


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                                the thing made front news here in aus my thoughts are with the familys he destroyed thelives he wrecked the pain n suffering he caused i hope to god we never experience that pain here in aus ive no thought for him only the wish that he could have experienced a long lingering pain the same as he caused if there is a hell long may he suffer in it if it didnt make the papers or news here no one would care the unfortunate thing is some one will and look upon him as a matyr of sorts and for them i feel sorry for there misguided ways


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