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    Sherri and I need to travel to LA Mon-Tues next week and unfortunately, need to be in the Hollywood area Tuesday. Anybody know the closest we can stay to that area (Sunset/Bronson) and be someplace remotely "normal." We are definately not the Sunset strip party all night crowd anymore. I do not know LA at all so any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the short notice but this just came up.

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    The city is a very busy place so be prepared for the business.

    I don't know about L.A. either, have never been there before, don't know what to tellya...
    "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst."


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      I haven't been in Hollywood for quite some time but I understand the drug problem is bad there. Bearing this in mind, I checked the AAA tour book and came up with the following, both of which may or may not be in walking distance:

      Days Inn - Hollywood: 7023 Sunset Boulevard (between Highland and Brea). Phone 323-464-8344.

      Dunes Sunset Motel: 5625 Sunset Blvd.
      Phone: 323-467-5171

      I have never stayed at either place so I can't really recommend either. The Days Inn sounds nicer but is a little more expensive. The Dunes Sunset would be closer to Sunset & Bronson.

      Both are rated two diamonds by AAA. They quote rates of $89-199 for 1-4 people at Days Inn and $67-96 for 1-4 people at the Dunes. These rates are listed in the 2002 tour book but the prices may have gone up and it may or may not include a discount for AAA members. If you are driving, you would take 101 to Sunset for both locations.

      Hope this gives you some ideas.

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        Thanks. I called the Hollywood substation and then the folks in charge of the show that she got tickets to. They both steered us to a new tourist complex about one mile from the studio location that is clean, new, and safe. Looks a little high brow for my style but I can adapt. It's also only $30 dollars a night more at Gov. rate than the flea bag place right next to the studio. If any of you watch "Beyond" watch for the little chubby couple from Nevada in the future. My wife is sure she is going to get a reading. She is really into this stuff. Not going to say how she knows. Can't let out too much information during the investigation you know Mr. sceptical here is coming along for the vacation.

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          "If any of you watch "Beyond" watch for the little chubby couple from Nevada in the future."

          My wife loves that show. When you find out the scheduled air time, let us now, I wanna see it!


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            I wouldn't stay in Hollywood itself. It's a crappy neighborhood, and unless you want to stay in high $$$ hotels like the Mondrian or the St. James (both of which are technically in West Hollywood) chances are you'll be staying in the same hotel as a bunch of dirtbags.

            I recommend staying in nearby Burbank or Glendale, or in the Studio City Area. Burbank and Glendale are a short car ride away, and if you stay in Studio City you can take the new Metro subway from the Universal City station into Hollywood itself.


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              I'm beginning to get that restless feeling again. I want to go somewhere but can't until I finish paying for my last trip.

              Have fun.


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