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On your own time, how do you relax?


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  • On your own time, how do you relax?

    I read, write a bit, watch some TV, shoot, and if weather permitting, hike or go camping.
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    Surf the internet. While the teenagers who never lift a finger to help out scream at me "Are you going to get us some icecream" Tuning them out is relaxation enough.

    My second choice. Going to work. Getting a paycheck for working myself to death is better than working myself to death at home with no paycheck. The money alone somehow makes it relaxing.
    "To each his own"


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      I read, go camping and fishing, although I am not much of a fisherman. I am thinking of trying fly fishing.

      I watch old movies with my wife, and I enjoy shooting, although not as much as I used to. I have to do it alone, and it's become boring.

      Also, I am building a flying model airplane. I have worked on it off and on for the past two years and decided to finally finish it.

      Also we are planning a 3 or four day canoe trip this spring.

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        Taking flying lessons, riding my Gold Wing (want to replace it with a BMW), watching TV and Internet.
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          My "relaxation" starts at the end of a shift.

          Get home, hot, long, soapy shower. It's as much symbolic as physical (washing the crap of the world off) and then into the baggy cotton clothes, and slip on leather shoes.


          After that, on work nights, playing on, or surfing for gear and goodies, usually gun or shooting related. Then dinner with the wife and watch a movie on VHS/DVD.

          Off duty days-

          Usually the first day off is a wash-sleep late, and be lazy all day. Watch TV or read. Maybe a little light housework, but it isn't too likely.

          Always ready to ride somewhere with a friend, ride mountain bike, dayhike, do lunch with a friend, or run errands for my parents, who are elderly.

          AND I ALAWAYS FOLLOW THE MOTTO "Never do today what can be put off till next week!"
          People have more fun than anybody.


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            I always, always, take a good shower to get the dirt from work off of me. I cannot stand to smell like work when I am off.

            During the work week, I relax by watching movies or Discovery Wings and taking naps.

            On my off days, I'm either shopping with my wife, or running one of my kids somewhere. During softball season, I pray for the work week to return. My oldest daughters softball schedule wears me out.
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              I like to run,lift weights,drive golfballs, play on the computer, take my pistol to the range and plink for a while but my favorite is to go for a walk with my wife and kids.

              Stuff like that.


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                Family activities such as boating, fishing, rent a movie, go for a drive, visit.

                Drink beer, yardwork, read a book, surf the 'net.


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                  i try to fly as much as possible. I am also building an airplane. It's a Pulsar
                  As my friend says: All Narc, No Bite


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                    TV & the computer, usually at the same time. Sometimes it's the Playstation & listening to music, usually at the same time. Some days (the pretty ones) might involve some golf which is frustrating but at the same time relaxing. A few nights or weekends a month it's playing with our band which is a lot of work but at the same time relaxing.


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                      All you folks that mention golf makes me remember when I tried it. (If we had an icon for "horselaugh" I'd put one here.) Horse

                      I had several buddies that were into it, so I thought I'd try it. I procrastinated until I went to a half day symposium on Officer Survival and one of the first things we were told was that one of the best officer survival techniques we could master is Golf. Of course this in itself speaks volumes-stress kills more cops than felons-but it made me decide to try it.

                      I loved it at first, but never got under 100. After a while, my game got WORSE, and I realized I was far madder on the golf course (I threw a club one day) and gave it up. It WAS a hoot the time we played the course one day after consuming a sufficient quantity of an impairing substance (alcohol) to appreciably impair our mental and physical faculties.
                      People have more fun than anybody.


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                        AFTER a REALLY bad day, would go out back
                        warm up a gun barrel and blow something up.

                        Have been working with explosives for a long time and NOTHING breaks the blahs like a small mushroom cloud and LOTS of flash and blast. Also works faster then a chain saw for tree culling.

                        second choice, get on a motorcycle and go North over the Big Mac bridge, then point West, DON'T turn any other direction until after going through the "going to the sun" highway through Glacier Park in Montanna.(time restraints apply to this one)

                        3rd choice- lock myself in my loading room and spend several hours making up some ammo to apply to first choice.


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                          Play with my toys, play on the computer or walk!


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                            Originally posted by wonderwoman:
                            Play with my toys,
                            Oh my God! <vision after vision racing through mind, breathing heavily>


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                              Originally posted by wonderwoman:
                              Play with my toys
                              How about a photo??
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