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GI Bill for Cop Courses?


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  • GI Bill for Cop Courses?

    Hi folks, I'm wondering if anyone knows if the Montgomery GI Bill can be used for things like Street Survival courses and Officer Safety Ect. I'm a CJ major and I'm in the Military. Used to Be a K-9 Handler and SP. No one here in Korea at the Education office seems to know. Have any of you ever heard a Yay or Nay on this?
    Thanks for any info
    Will Coy
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    as long as the school is VA approved.


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      Try this site first:

      http://www.gibill.va.gov/education/benefits.htm, refer to the MGIB section....

      I have a few questions for ya. You did say you were still in the military, right? If you are still in why aren't you using the program that is similar to tuition reimbursement? I think it is called the tuition assistance program and when I was in it paid 75% of the cost of your school courses while you were in. NOW it pays 100% of the course tuition. Using the link provided go to the Tuition Assistance "Top Up" section and read carefully as this concerns the tuition assistance while on active duty.

      I was not aware that the GI Bill could be used while you were on Active Duty. As far as I know (this is how I am currently paying for my schooling) you have to be discharged first before using GI BILL benefits.

      Anyway the link aboe will answer all of your questions plus they have a toll free number for help.....

      Good Luck

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        The answer is no. They aren't long enough.

        The GI Bill is paid based on percentage of time you're attending class during the month (full-time, 3/4 time, 1/2 or 1/4). 24 hours in a month won't qualify for anything.


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