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    Originally posted by shooter1201:
    [QBWHY do you do what you do? [/QB]

    Easy, because I'm locked in on contract. If I leave I get in trouble!

    It's a nice job with nice benefits, but in 372 more days I'm outta here.
    The ends justifies the means


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      'Cuz I got no where else to go [Eek!]


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        I tutor because I can set my own hours and if a parent complains about their kids doing no better, they know where the door is.
        The strangest person I had was a woman that bought her daughter and I told her it would be an a hour and she could pick her up then. Then said, "Oh, no, I need to meet you family and I want to see every inceh of this houe". I could kind of understand her wanting to see who would be in the house but NO WAY was she going though my house. She became indignant and I opened the door and said, "I'm sure you will find a nice tutor who will let you take over her house but that's not me." She left, really mad and said she was going to report me to the Board of Education. I told her to do so but they weren't inpecting my bathrooms either. lol
        I like being my own boss


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          I like what I do because every so often I get to work on a police car. Once it's fixed there's nothing better than getting out on the freeway and going 45 in the "fast" lane, and seeing all the wussys afraid to pass me.

          Ocasionally you see someone do a traffic violation, and just the fact of nailing the gas and coming up close to them will make them pull over. Of course, I was just road testing the car, not stopping stop sign runners.


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            I like the kids. I like the look in their eyes when I tell them something neat they didn't know. I like the look they get on their faces when the poetry we read has "f#@k" and $#!t in it. I like that magic kid you meet every once in awhile that completely impresses you with something; coming after to work harder on an assignment than you ever intended them to.

            I had one girl...great student. A low test grade early in the quarter kept her from an "A" she was one-tenth of a point away. I told her I'd raise her test grade by one point; that would be all that it took. She's a great student; I could easily justify it by all the classroom participation.

            She agonized about it for thirty seconds. She was looking at straight A's...that A- was the only blemish on an otherwise perfect report card.

            Finally, she sighed. "No. I'd rather really earn it."

            I was so proud I could have burst! What an awesome kid! Every time I lose faith in humanity, something like that comes along.

            I want to be a cop because I'm stupid enough to still believe I can change the world. My blood sings a bit every time I hear a siren...I want to be there, helping somebody out. Yeah, I know teaching probably saves the world just as much, but there's a difference between building the bomber in Detroit and flying one over Berlin. I want to do both.

            Would I give up my job? Not in a million years.

            I would like to take a baseball bat to some of the parents, however...

            Shooter, I forget...when is national "Kill the Pesky Parent" day?
            I haven't felt this good since we stole the 2000 elections!--Ned Flanders


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              Shooter, I forget...when is national "Kill the Pesky Parent" day?
              I think that was yesterday....
              "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
              -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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                MOOOOOONEY! For starters... But I do honestly like getting out and doing something. While I am content to sit around the house for a few days and just relax, I don't think I'd savor that free time as much as if I had all free time. That'd just be boring.

                Originally posted by Lictalon: " My blood sings a bit every time I hear a siren..."
                I can completely relate to that. Every time I hear a siren when I'm at work, I pretty much drop everything and watch with a sigh... Someday...
                Don't take life too seriously- you'll never come out of it alive.


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                  Well I honestly am working more for the enjoyment of it, than because I need the money. Retirement is very nice - for a while. Traveling is very nice - for a while. etc etc etc

                  But frankly, I'm darn glad to get up in the morning, knowing I've got a full day of productive work ahead of me.

                  So I'm nuts. . .
                  6P1 (retired)


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                    'Cause I enjoy the work, though I do get tired of sitting on my *** all day driving around....I love the foot chases, and the hostile people (It's true, I like that rush). But somedays I get so tired of the busy bodies, the buttinskie's, and nosy SOBs.

                    It's nice to get good pay (we're paid better than a lot of others). Get to carry a gun (gotta have my fetish ya know). And pager....nothing beats being on call for the bad calls.....at 3am, for a mva w/deer involved...oh baby.

                    But mainly, 'cause I need the cash flow till my son's in school and I can slink on over to a sister agency and work for a better boss (current supervisor excluded - she's cool- but her boss is a jerk).

                    BUT......like the others.....one win on the lottery and I'm outta this place.
                    [email protected]

                    It's better to die happy..........than just die

                    May Tyr watch over and guide my hand each day.........to do the right thing


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                      Why do you keep going in to the the same old job every freakin' day?
                      Because I wasn't smart enough or motivated enough or lucky enough to inherit enough money or get a job or start a business that would have allowed me to make enough money to not work anymore. People with millions and millions of dollars never cease to amaze me when they get enough money to maintain their current lifestyle without haven't to "work" but still do. There are lots of things I'd rather do than generate money if I had so much money that it became self-generating, and I became recession-proof.


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