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  • Why do you.....

    ....keep going in to the the same old job every freakin' day? I mean, it HAS to be MORE than just the 'pay'. Do you really LIKE what you're doing THAT much?

    I read an MSN article earlier this week that asked: 'Are teachers OVERpaid?' Needless to say, it got my attention.

    I'll give the author credit, though. He did his research....actually contacting the American Federation of Teachers, researching jobs with comparable educational requirements, etc.

    When compared to engineers, lawyers and doctors, all of which require similar undergrad/post graduate hours of education, teaching came in DEAD LAST salary-wise, with a national average of $43K/year(I just signed my contract for $35K. I'm already topped out in my system, and I'm only 41).

    California teachers REALLY have it bad. According to this guy's article, California teachers are REQUIRED to obtain 150 HOURS of post graduate hours every 5 years. Makes me glad I don't live on the LEFT coast. With my Masters in Admin/Suprv, I don't HAVE to 'go back to school', unless I get placed in an Administrative position.

    Seriously....WHY do you do what you do? Me? I'm in it strictly for the 2 months off during the summer(in which I work FULL-time for my PD). That, and the kids....
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    Originally posted by shooter1201:
    WHY do you do what you do?

    It's simple - I have a family to raise. Things were a lot different when I was a stay-at-home mom. My ex made VERY good money and I didn't have to work. I enjoyed being at home and raising my children. Don't get me wrong, I like to work. I always have, but sometimes I feel as if I'm getting nowhere.

    Do I like what I do? 90% of time, yes. Is it what I want to do? NO. The almighty dollar is what keeps me where I'm at right now. As soon as I get my health issues in check, I'm going to start seriously looking for another job. This time, I want to work in a hospital so I can have tuition reimbursement for the coding course I want so badly. The last thing I want or need is another student loan.


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      This job is strictly for the experience and to be involved with LE.

      plus, I work with really great people.
      Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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        Gotta pay the bills.
        I like my job, but if I win the lottery, I won't be in tomorrow.


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          I have to get a job and I don't wanna...boo hoo! I've been very spoiled the last 6 years being a stay at home mom. I'd bum around in slippers and pajamas all day long. Cook, clean, take care of the kids. I love it! But....kids are both in school and we are hurting for money. I am NOT a morning person, as I've already mentioned and I don't wanna get a job.


          I know...grow up right? lol
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            You know, I ask myself that every durn morning I get up. Why do I get up, put on a blue uniform and go throw bags into airplanes? Certainly not because I look forward to blowing out my shoulders, knees and herniating my discs at some point, which are the inevitable injuries of the job. No, thats not the reason. It's not because I like crawling on my knees into aircraft cargo holds in 98 degree weather that makes a cargo bin 110 degrees, only to stack 80 or 90 bags that probably weigh in at an average 40 pounds. Nah, dont look forward to that. Nor do I particularly enjoy standing at the end of a beltloader in pouring rain with a temp of 35 degrees, offloading a hundred some odd bags that weigh more than they need. Times like that I think about taking an early out, and calling in sick the next three days.
            Truth be told, I'd miss the he!! out of the guys I work with, and it's only a stepping stone on the way to a LE career.

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            Love it or leave it.


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              WHY do you do what you do?
              I like to eat. I like my job, but I'm starting to get somewhat burned out. Hopefully next year I will have my business up and running, and I can cut my hours back at work.
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                I work as a graphic/web and print designer and for the most part, like what I do. I've always been artistically inclined and I'm always challenged to come up with something creative. My job is pretty comfy.. decent pay, free internet access, cool toys like a digi cam and nice scanner and printer. I work with cool people too so that makes a big difference.
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                  i don't do it for the money since i am independently wealthy. i just like the comaraderie of the pleasant and knowledgeable people that i work with.

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                    I need money. Mostly due to my own financial mismanagement, I'm $11k in the hole in credit card debt (and $4k on top of that owed on my Jeep).

                    I've mostly broken my bad habits with my credit cards, but I'm still digging myself out. I HATE having an evening without work, because I think to myself, "man, I could pick up a shift at Papa John's and make an extra $40 in tips and $20 in my paycheck ... why, that's my BGE bill for the month right there! And that way, I can send more to my MBNA card!"


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                      I hate working at the place I'm at right now. I'd rather lay down by the pool all day like a lazy dog. I hate to see Sheriff Deputies rolling around looking for some of my co-workers and I hate to sit next to my co-worker and fight about the window blinds almost everyday and I hate chasing papers and people calling and faxes coming in and faxing papers and putting in information into our data base and most of all, dealing with my dumb clients who does not pay their bills on time making their policies cancel and they come in asking me to help them reinstate their policies .....I hate it when my clients drive nice cars, i.e., Lexus RX300, Mercedes Benz S400, BMW's and they have youngsters who drive those cars and yet they still complain abouthow their car insurance premium is so freakin' high and it's all my fault and like I have some kind of authority to lower their premium and it's my decision to say, Ok, you will pay $800.00 and you will pay $1,200 and you will pay $650....For goodness sake, leave me alone and be happy with the freakin' premium you have and go home and admire your nice cars....

                      I hate it, I hate it, I hate it....and I hate it....

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                      "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst."


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                        Right now I guess you could say for the money & some things to do that I haven't finished. I can retire at any time. I'm looking at 2004 just because it will boost me just a little bit more in my monthly retirement. It will also give me time to complete a couple of projects I have lined up, such as teaching a seminar on public speaking & media relations. Besides, I have a take-home car with City gas, can wear regular clothes whenever I want, & can come & go pretty much whenever I please, so things are fairly easy right now.


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                          Originally posted by 10mill:
                          Gotta pay the bills.
                          I like my job, but if I win the lottery, I won't be in tomorrow.

                          I feel the exact same way!


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                            I actually LIKE what I do.

                            Besides, it has fringe benefits.
                            For example, I made a .50 BMG rifle.
                            Then I made a reloading press for it.
                            Then I made bench rest dies for it.
                            Then I made a large powder dispenser for it.
                            Now I am making a bullet trimer for it.

                            Around 5 Grand worth of stuff that I did in my spare time.

                            I get to deal with lots of people. All kinds. I get to design and build special tools. I hardley ever do the same thing twice in a row. Its always something different, always a challenge. The pay aint bad for this area.

                            If I wont the lottery...Id still show up at work. First I buy everyone steaks. Then we'd cook em.
                            And Id continue to come into work and DARE somebody to **** me off...
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                              I worked from 1949 to 1998 with a total of four different companies. The only one I really liked was the second one, although it was getting boring after 27 years. If I had known then what I know now I wouldn't have quit until I reached retirement age.

                              I would have preferred to be a stay at home mom but the kids and I had this nasty habit known as eating. My ex was a total jerk. I was so happy to have him gone that I never tried to collect the child support he owed me. He pulled a vanishing act shortly after the divorce, and I just wanted him to stay gone. People like him are nothing but trouble as long as they are anywhere around.

                              I sometimes feel a little depressed that I can't go back in time, graduate from high school again and relive my life from that point. I can think of several things I would do differently if "I knew then what I know now". Then I remind myself that two of my three children and three of my six grandchildren live near me. I enjoy spending time with them. There are probably a lot of lonely people out there that haven't been that lucky.


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