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DesertRat got a Question for you:)


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  • DesertRat got a Question for you:)

    Hey DesertRat,
    I am new to this forum and just wrote my first 2 posts. I see that you are from the LVMPD and I am very very intrested in moving to LV to become a Police officer. and no its not cause i love to gamble I got family there and i love the city. I live in FL right now and am having problems find Depts that will pay you to go to the academy.
    I looked at the LVMPD site and filled out the App and getting ready to send it in. I was just curious if you could give me some facts about LVMPD I might be intrested in.
    1) what is the Schedule??? 4 10's? or 3 12's???
    2) Do you know how many officers they are looking to hire in the following year???
    3) also do you know how many academys they have a year???

    Thanks DesertRat,

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    1: 4 10s in patrol. Varies with other assignments.

    2: We hire constantly.

    3: How ever many we need. Usually 4-5 I believe at the moment.

    We do have a very good department here. Just ignore some of my ranting in other posts. That has to do more with my personal situation than the department as a whole, except for our current IAB witchhunt, but I'm hoping this too shall past. One thing you should do is call a recruiter and check on your drug usage you mentioned in another post. What you described may be disqualifying. Also, I know you said no California, but, as someone else pointed out, there are some good departments over there. I have several friends who are California Highway Patrol Officers that absolutely love the job. They have good equipment, great pay, and the best retirement program in the world. After you do your stint in the large metro areas, you can transfer to a rural post where that big money will go a long long way.


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