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Could someone suggest a DEPT?


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  • Could someone suggest a DEPT?

    Ok i am 25 and wrote another post about my qualifications for a police officer.

    But i have been looking in my central Florida area and there are only 2 dept's that dont req a degree and will pay me to go to the academy.

    So my question to you guys is this.

    IF I am willing to move almost anywhere in the US.
    Minus- CA or NY
    What are some of the departments you guys think might be best.
    all i want is this
    a dept that will send me to the academy and pay me. and doesnt req a college degree.
    for that i would move anywhere excpet CA and NY.

    Please can someone help me. I really want to become a police officer, Its just central FL doesnt have many openings.

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    If you do not mind the intense heat. Try Phx, Az. Pays you to go to the academy and Does not require College YET. 4-10's and some great benefits.

    Just read your other post and since the last time you did weed was 98, sorry i would forget Phx. Sorry but they are very strict.

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      Really i have doen weed a combine 10 times in my life. that sucks i love phoenix



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        Just out of curiosity, what is your hang up with California? Most of the bigger departments here have the "3% at 50" which is better than 95% of the country in any line of work. That means if you got hired today, you could retire at age 50 and get 75% of your highest years pay.

        Don't get me wrong, California has some problems but so does every state. You mentio you love Phoenix...were you aware that the Phoenix metro area has had more officers killed than just about anyplace in the last 5 years. Traffic there is a nightmare.

        If you weren't limiting yourself so much, I would tell you to look at LAPD. They need people and probably have slacked off on their hiring standards a touch to get folks in there. Once again, they've had a few problems but overall, they have a great department with tons of oppurtunities.
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          Well my Uncle is a Cop for 15 years in San Jose Ca and I do like CA but it is so Expensive to live there. My uncle says that rookies live at least 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours away cause sna jose is so expensive to live. Besides that i like Ca.
          Ny on the other hand is just not my style
          you say phoenix has more officers killed than LAPD???
          I thought about LAPD but my wife has that image of bloods and crips in LA I tell her they got gangs everywhere but she doesnt understand i guess.


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            Several departments in central PA. Lancaster City PD and my dept - East Lampeter Twp PD hire just about every year and start at approx $31,000/ yr each. Both will pay you while you attend the academy, but you'll have to pass the tests first. We will be testing again in January with applications coming out in the beginning of December. Let me know if you need more info. I think we have a three year policy on the drug use, but I'll check in to that if you want.
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              YES, more officers killed than LAPD but remember, I was including the entire Phoenix metro area (Glendale, Tempe, etc...) They kind of all run together nowadays. Trust me, if you make a wrong turn in Phoenix, you may wish you were in LA with some of those Crips. It's not much diffrent.

              San Jose and that area is VERY expensive, as is most of California. However, the departments out her pay more as well. Last I saw, San Jose senior officers were making over 70K a year...before overtime.

              The bottom line is you have to get your foot in the door first, even if you have to rent a house for a while. LAPD had their own academy and they pay you while you go thru.
              "Get busy dying or get busy living".....Andy Dufrain, Shawshank Redemption


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                Police Departments in metro areas and the counties surrounding the metro area's in Texas generally don't pay too bad. The cities in east Texas do not pay too well.

                Alot of the cities are covered by TMRS, which means you can retire at nearly 100% of salary sometime after 31 years ( I'll have my 30 in when I'm 51 ). Also, most TMRS cities have adopted 20 year retirement at any age with 10 year vesting.

                It's generally really hot here in the summer, but then we don't have a really hard winter. About the only place in Texas that has a true winter is the panhandle.

                Most departments are shorthanded right now and actively looking for officers. As for having smoked dope, thats up to the individual departments about how recent and how often. Above all else, be honest about it. Dishonesty will drop you out of the hiring process faster than anything.
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                  Look at Las Vegas Metro PD.
                  I think we have the best retirement plan out there, but I could be wrong..The state pays 100% of your retirement, Plus you can retire after 25 years and start collecting your benefits, you do not need to wait until you reach 50 years in age...the pay is good, and we have some fun jobs within the agency...


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                    Blue Leader is right about phx and all the surrounding cities. You are in Phx one minute then you are in any of the surrounding cities that quick. I think you have to look at the overall picture with the officer killings. They are not all due to massive violence. Some are car accidents, some are the meth population, And some are the same things you would face in any department on any given day. I think your biggest hurdle would be the drug use. You simply have to call around and ask. If you have the heart and the energy to go to work then you must try real hard.
                    "To each his own"


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                      You may want to look into Collier County Sheriffs Office in FL, I know there goal in the dept. is to get you on the road. When I was down there I was told that they are in more of a need for road deputies than in the jail. However if you do not have a degree, you will have to do just 1 year in the jail and then you can jump onto the road..Both jail and road deputies get the same pay and bennies (exception of the car) and you retire in 25yrs at 75% of your highest paid year. Also if you are certified in both areas, they allow you to work both the road and do even more OT in the jail..not a bad thing...They are also very well paid in the state of FL.


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                        I used to work for the Putnam County SO, in Florida...20 miles due west of St. Augustine. As of 1992, they didn't require a Criminal Justice degree.

                        My current department...Selmer PD(80 miles due east of Memphis)...just hired a guy that is NOT certified and IS paying for him to attend the academy.
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                          Some good advice, STAY OUT of WYOMING!
                          Why you ask?
                          * LOW pay
                          * NO civil service
                          * NO unions or guilds
                          * Peace officers Assoc with little or no teeth or officers interests.
                          * Lacking benefits/ insurance packages.
                          * Less than desireable state retirement.
                          * Work at the pleasure of the sheriff, city councel, mayor, administrator, etc,etc.

                          However, it would be good place to start to get your foot in the door, and then leave after a year or two. Also, not bad for a second job after retirement. Wyo, has low crime, small towns, low cost of living with a few exceptions.


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                            I cannot direct you, since I am NOT you, so be aware I am NOT telling you what to do.

                            However, If I was 25, single, able to move, uneducated and wanted to be a cop, but had been dumb 3 yrs earlier, I myself would:

                            1. Check out USAF Guard or reserve for college bennies.
                            2. Enroll in college
                            3. get a degree in ANYTHING but criminal justice.
                            4. serve 3 yrs or so then start applying.

                            Six or 7 yrs of good behavior with some military behind you and a college education will make you a lot more vendable.

                            Bear in mind consequences of "upping" up now since the 911 horror. It's not for everyone, but that wouldn't make you any less of a cop, or a person, its kind of killing 3 birds with 1 stone. THINK CAREFULLY. Prayer don't hurt either.
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                              Can't blame you for wanting to stay out of Kalifornia. Pretty state, but the gun laws suck. I suggest you look into the North Carolina Highway Patrol. The pay is decent, and you get paid while in the academy (which is very tough.)


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