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  • Would I qualify?

    Ok I am 25 married with 2 kids i want to aply to a dept in FL witch has a min age limit of 19 and GED min then they send you to the Academy.

    1) I was in The USMC for 11 months was in a car accident and left on a medical
    2) I rehabed and Joined the ARMY 3 years later
    3) served 1 year in the ARMY until I couldnt qualify for a Top Secret Clearance. I do have a Secret. ( failed to get T.S on my Credit (college Loan, paying it of now)
    4) I went the college for 1 1/2 years
    5) i have never been arrested
    6) I have not had a ticket in 5 years
    7) I am in good shape no prob on phys test
    my credit is still shakey i am currently paying most things off I have no BK or Repos though. my highest cred is 350 except for college loan. 8800 for that
    9) I have never done anything excpet for Weed but the last time i smoked was in nov 1998. and I can count on my hands how many times I did.
    10) i never have even tried any other drugs.
    11) I havent stolen something since Junior High. I stole a wallet from a bathroom floor.
    12) thats it for me no i just work for EA SPorts and Subsitute teach.

    Please tell me what you guys think

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    At the department I work at, the wacky tobaccy usage as soon as 1998 would kill ya instantly. They'd tell you to come back in 5 years.
    "Get busy dying or get busy living".....Andy Dufrain, Shawshank Redemption


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      Really I thougt 3 years was normal. Wierd it seems like it was a lifetime ago. Frustrating wish i never did it. I mean i never had a habit just tried it at a club in 1998. You know until i saw you post this i was more worried about my shakey credit


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