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Finding it hard to find things to post here these days


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  • Finding it hard to find things to post here these days

    I keep looking in this section and thinking... "What New Topics can we post?" I am having great difficulty talking about, or doing anything that resembles "fun", like we usually do in this section. I am tired from watching CNN but can't stay away! I go to work so tired and sad.....

    I am sure most of you are feeling the same. How are you all coping?

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    WW, I'm so glad you posted this!

    It's important that we all find time to do things that take us mentally away from the terrible events of this past week.

    I try not to watch the replays of the tragic events anymore. I catch the news twice a day, and limit myself to that. My husband and I take at least an hour- long walk/ bike ride every day with our son. Next weekend we have an all- day picnic planned with friends.

    I suggest that everyone takes time out of their busy schedules to do the things that they enjoy, that they find relaxing. Family time away from the tv so important.

    Of course, excercise (especially outdoors), good nutritional habits, and enough sleep are wonderful for combatting stress.
    [email protected] "Where there is love, there is no imposition"- Albert Einstien.


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      Thanks blondie,

      Your response was refreshing! Your reminder to do things that take us mentally away from the terrible events of this past week is very important!


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        I think it is absolutely essential that we go on with our day to day lives. We have no idea of what lies ahead, but looking at it realistically, do we ever?

        Remember the idea behind terrorism is to do just this: Create terror in our hearts and minds. If we allow the ba$tards to interrupt our entire lives, then and only then will they have won!

        I happened to be coming home the day of the attack. I am going to be returning to Colorado later this week. I do hate to be away from my wife at this time, but my “vacation” turned into a pretty lucrative job over there and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let these a-holes stand in my way!

        My wife and I are working toward a common goal, and God willing we are going to keep going and achieve that goal.
        6P1 (retired)


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          I am too finding hard to stay away from the television. I even go in the breakroom at work to catch a glimpse of the latest news. Its like i am waiting for that huge air pocket and all of the people will be ok. I am afraid its wishful thinking but as human being i can't help but hope. Took my kids to the park and just watched them have fun. It was a relief to see thier happy faces after all the adults who look so sad it makes you want to cry. I think i am turning into this blubbering idiot lately. Which is strange because i am a real tough girl and it usually takes a major butt whoopen to make me cry.
          "To each his own"


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            Although I find it hard to stay away from the TV, I make myself do it. Watching a pet program or going for a walk helps. I hurt so muh if I see to much on the disaster.


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              we're still working xtra tours b/c we're about 4 miles from ground zero, so entire workday is filled. I refuse to watch the news or read the paper. Prayer to and from work, and lots of Sci-Fi channel after work...
              [email protected]


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                Its amazing what a good nights sleep will do!


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                  "What New Topics can we post?"
                  I find it strange that you would run out of things to say wonderwoman!!
                  I can only think of 1 thing to keep a woman from talking.

                  just trying to lighten the load!
                  RULE FOR A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE:. Don't hang around with whiners and complainers.


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                    king310 Thats verrrry funny

                    You also know, of course, that women have good and lonnnnng lasting memories!!

                    [ 09-18-2001: Message edited by: wonderwoman ]


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                      I try not to watch the news too much. Enough is enough.

                      To keep my mind on other things I watch the new shows that are beginning to come on. I also watch QVC shopping channel a lot although it can get expensive. Otherwise, I stick to my usual routine; pick up my granddaughter after school three days a week, keep involved in activities at my church, etc. I will probably get involved in another activity which I will tell everyone about if it works out.

                      Our pastor says anger is normal as long as we don't channel it in the wrong direction - violence against innocent people, etc. He says there is no short, easy solution so I just take each day as it comes and hope for the best.

                      Good luck, everyone.


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                        Originally posted by ftrphxcop:
                        I think i am turning into this blubbering idiot lately. Which is strange because i am a real tough girl and it usually takes a major butt whoopen to make me cry.
                        If it makes you feel any better I'm known for being "hard" and very rarely does anything get to me. Even the death of a 6 year old child and the investigation afterward did nothing to me. Yet I find myself tearing up everytime I see the pictures on the news with the relatives of the missing folks from the WTC standing on the curb, crying. It especially gets to me when I see all the folks together waving the flag and cheering on the rescue workers.

                        Personally I need a break from it. I tend to flip to the Animal Planet channel and hope The Planet's Funniest Animals is on. If it isn't any comedy will do. Just something to break the cycle.
                        "Trust me. I'm from the government, I'm here to help."


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                          Well, I've spent considerable time with a few other retired Army guys, going over plans and estimates ! Like we could ever be asked

                          But I think doing such work, setting up possible solutions to inserting forces and doing map reconn for track movements, although it's just a reflection of a lifelong habit really is a stress-release. It appears I'm doing something.

                          And now that three neighboring states have sealed their borders, and the Taibun have been asked and declined to give up Bin they have committed to major troop movements (with their supply conveys still on the roadways).

                          I give it 48 hours before our first strike on their heads.

                          It's good not to be an Afghanistan army private


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                            I can't watch anymore of it. I feel guilty sometimes for not watching it, because I feel like I'm turning my back on the situation in a way, but I couldn't do it tonight. Couldn't bear to see it anymore.

                            I actually sat down and watched the entire Phillies game tonight and YES they did kick Atlanta's ***! Was really wishing I were downtown at Vet's Stadium watching the game live, but nonetheless it felt good to see them on tv.

                            I even got especially lazy tonight. Laid down on the couch, turned on TLC and was watching Code Blue. I'm not a big tv watcher so this was pushing it for me.

                            Wish hockey season would start already...


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                              I don't know what a shrink would make of it but I too am tired of watching it on TV. I'm also deleting a lot of email that has to do with it. I hate that I'm being that way but enough is enough. All I want is new news, not watching it happen over & over again. And there was no football to try to take my mind off it. I also get feelings of guilt at being able to come home & eat a good meal or just sit & watch TV because I know that thousands of people can't do that. I'm many miles away & have done what I can from here. Now I just want to go to work & do what I normally do. But they are not forgotten & I will always be ready to do what I can, even if it's just a prayer & a thought.


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