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al Qaeda encourages Muslims to buy guns for terror attacks


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    I personally wouldn't have a problem donating all of my bullets to Al Qaeda and it's operatives, unfortunately I can only deliver them one at a time.


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      Originally posted by Vorkon View Post
      You are right, After I reread what I posted I see how that could be miss-understood.
      A armed revolt would be the greatest tragedy we could have. It is so hard to sometimes type what we mean and say with the absolutes of solid words, If you understand what I mean.

      Our Constitution is still very much in place, How ever if we continue down the road of back door interpretations with work arounds we must stay cautious. Educating our friends and people we meet with up coming election I believe is our greatest hope.

      No way am I suggesting a armed revolt. Sorry I came across in such a way.
      Understandable. If our Country suddenly became a Dictatorship and had the Constitution abolished, I think you'd see a very large fight, and a whole lot of tragedy.

      But, we're not there, have never been there, and are one of the few Nations in history that can make that claim.

      We have our problems, but we are still the best thing going since sliced-bread. Every true enemy we've had has learned that to their detriment. Some new ones are just now finding that out (rest in hell UBL).



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