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A 73-year-old gunman apparently upset over his divorce case went on a shooting spree Thursday around Yuma county, Ariz., killing at least five people including himself and the attorney representing his ex-wife, officials said.

A sixth person was injured and flown to a Phoenix-area hospital.

Authorities identified the suspected shooter as Carey Hal Dyess of Yuma. Yuma County Sheriff's deputies found Dyess with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound near Blaisdell and Highway 95 around 11:35 a.m.

Earlier, the gunman shot attorney Jerrold Shelley in his downtown Yuma law office, said Jerry Geier, police chief of the city of 91,000 along the Colorado River near the Mexican border. Attorney Amanda Taylor said Shelley represented Dyess' ex-wife. Shelley also represented three sets of brothers who sued the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson after accusing a priest of repeatedly raping them when they were children.

Yuma police spokesman Clint Norred told the Sun that the shootings were connected, but he would not confirm the identities of all the victims.

Four fatalities took place in the county.

Some of the victims were friends and relatives of the gunman, Mayor Alan Krieger told Reuters by telephone.

Details of the incident were sketchy, but Krieger and police said the shootings unfolded at six locations in and around the city.

Krieger said the gunman's motive was not entirely clear but that he was believed to be upset over a divorce case.

Court records show Dyess was involved in two civil court cases, one in Yuma and one in nearby Wellton. A judge issued an order of protection against Dyess in one of the cases in 2006, and a court clerk said it stemmed from Dyess' wife divorcing him.

The Sun said Sheriff’s deputies and Wellton police were called to the first scene at about 5 a.m. after a woman, a friend of Dyess' ex-wife, was reported shot four times in the face at Avenue 23E and Old Highway 80. David Rodriguez of the Wellton Police Department said the woman was flown to a Phoenix-area hospital, but he did not know her current condition.

Deputies and Wellton police responded to a second shooting at about 9 a.m. when the body of a woman was found in a yard at Avenue 35-1/2E and Old Highway 80, the Sun said.

The Yuma County Sheriff's Office was called to the first scene when the body of a woman was found in a yard at Avenue 35-1/2E and Old Highway 80, the Sun said.

Around 9:21 a.m., the Yuma Police Department responded to a shooting in the 300 block of 2nd Avenue in Yuma, where Shelley was killed.

Two more shootings were later reported in the Wellton area, where an adult man and woman were found dead inside a small farm house, before the report of Dyess' self-inflicted gunshot came in, police told the Sun.