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Truck driver tries to run motorcyclist off the road


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  • Truck driver tries to run motorcyclist off the road

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    I'm not sure how to make the video just appear in the post.

    NSFW just for language at the end.

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    I just saw the other thread with the same video.... Now we can watch it twice.


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      I think the term "truck driver" may have been misleading, though. That implies that it was someone driving an 18-wheeler or another commercial vehicle. While some truckers are nutjobs, 99 percent of them are decent folks who drive much more safely than the public at large.

      Anyway, that was an example of some testosterone gone astray. No reason for EITHER OF THEM to have engaged in that type of behavior.

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      The comments above reflect my personal opinion as a private citizen, ordinary motorist and all-around good guy.

      The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


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        Yeah I know, I was gonna post about clarifying it but either way, semi, pick up truck or car, I wouldn't like you to swerve at me if I was on a bike


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            ^ Go check out post #3


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              Sorry, I was driving that truck, and nodded off at the wheel. I didn't know I drifted over the double yellow until I was passed by the motorcycle. He then proceeded to pull out a gun, and point it at me, so I accelerated. Then I noticed another motorcycle behind me and thought he had a gun too. So I proceeded to speed away from him as fast as I could

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                Reckless driving on the part of the motorcyclist doesn't really justify attempt murder, in my opinion. Of course you'd never get attempt murder to stick for that, but that's what it was. Maybe aggravated assault (w/ deadly weapon if your DA is feeling frisky).


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                  All parties involved are idiots. Any one of them at any time could have ended this incident. The trucker is most at fault, he instigated the whole thing. The bikers could have easily driven away from him at any time. Job security.
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                    MC1 and 2 were riding like a-holes...then pick'emup truck vigilante, (also ahole), swerved...I wouldnt exactly say his intent was to "kill" the bike rider, as the swerve seemed to be gradual and semi-smooth....but yeah, totally in the wrong....glad it was on video..BUT these are the same videos that show up on Youtube of dirtbag riders who try to outrun the cops, **** off motorists and do wheelies on interstates at 100 mph...stupid on both ends
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