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Agencys requiring extra ammo?


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    For the full-time Officers, they need to carry 2 extra mags on their duty belt, and are required to carry an off duty gun when in the confines of the county.


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      I've never seen a patrol officer with less than 2 extra mags.

      It's common for department higher ups to only wear a firearm on their duty belt.


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        I remember being in Houston in 1984 and seeing some officers carrying 6-shot revolvers with only six spare rounds.
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          It comes down to complacency and laziness. I see all the time uniformed officers who work inside headquarters or command staff members walking around with just their gun. I get even more pizzed when I see a uniformed command staff member out and about with just a Glock 27 and nothing else on their belt. It really pizzes me off because I am REQUIRED by policy to have A MINIMUM of 1 reload and handcuffs with my firearm any time I am in uniform.

          Most folks will never fire their weapon, and even fewer will ever have to reload under fire or during a situation. They just get comfortable with whatever is in their gun, not taking into consideration malfunctions, misses, multiple attackers, etc.

          I recently got a bug up my but and started setting up redundant ammo. I carry the require 46 duty rounds. I have a box of OO buck and a box of slug in each door pocket, 3 30rnd M4 mags and a spare 15rnd pistol mag in my active shooter kit on my passenger seat, a redi-mag on my M4 for a total of 2 mags in the gun, plus spare 20/30rnd M4 mags in my trunk.

          Do I honestly ever expect to burn through all that ammo? Of course not, but no matter where I am in relation to my car I can get to spare ammo. If I'm by the trunk I can reload. Passenger side? Reload. Driver side? Reload.


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            Defin. carry extras if for no other reason than to clear a malfunction. I have had to do this with simunition before...


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              Originally posted by mdrdep View Post
              Not only are we required to carry extra, our qualifications require a reload..........
              Same in our state.

              Our agency requires that when in uniform we carry all of our LE tools (OC, MEB, cuffs, radio, sidearm, two extra mags). Flashlight is provided - actually, two: Mag charger & tiny Streamlight rechargeable - but is only belt tool not required at all times.

              Standard ammo load is 37 - 3x 12rd mags + one in chamber. 229 in .357 SIG.
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