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Interstate speed limit enforcement?


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  • Interstate speed limit enforcement?

    Just wondering... There's been a news article running here the past few days regarding how the state coffers are down as far as speeding tickets are concerned; specifically, interstate speeding tix for 30 mph over the limit, which in VT are down around 30% over the past year or so...

    Even if I was to read this correctly, does that mean there are less drivers going over 90 mph on VT highways, or are there less people being stopped for doing 15 over? 'Cuz personally, I'd just as soon see some ********* from Mass. or Conn. get pulled over for doing 80 in a 65 and pay a $180 speeding ticket as those still driving 94 in a 65 zone and not even get a second glance...
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    As do many motorists, you're missing the point with regard to speed limit enforcement. Certainly, there's a revenue aspect to the question. Hard as it may be for you to believe or accept, there is supposed to be an educational aspect to the equation as well. It would be a very short sighted state which would base any aspect of it's budget on fines derived from any traffic violation.Years ago, at the Academy, we were taught the three "E"s with respect to traffic enforcement in general. They were(are) Engineering, Education, Enforcement. The last two fall primarily into the LE brief. Another thought I would respecfully submit to you, is not to believe everything you see or hear in the media. They habitually, spin, slant, and shape stories to fit their own ends. The best, the most effective radar detector in the world is YOU. Not your cruise control. When YOU observe the speed limit, you'll have the pleasure of seeing those guys from Mass or Conn pulled over, with a Trooper car behind them. You, on the other hand will arrive at your destination minus a major dent in your wallet.


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      Hell, if I catch myself going anywhere near 75, I back off regardless...

      Just in time to have some DimWad with a MA RS something something RedSox plate on it blow by me at 85 MPH...

      What the fh***** is it with you people from Mass., gotta drive in other states going 85 minimum? Whatayo, farkink got a death wish or WTF is your issue, and why the fuick ain't enough MSP troopers citing your asses for big $$$$ ?
      "Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left..."
      "I swear to God, I'm gonna pistol whip the next guy who says 'Shenanigans' !"


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        CYA Gunner. Nothing coming out of your wallet. The other guys......the law of averages applies. Sooner or later, they'll get lit up.A good day is when you see it happen.


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          It does not surprise me that ticket revenue is down, it seems we are handling more calls for service with less cops on the job.


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            Originally posted by SGT53 View Post
            It does not surprise me that ticket revenue is down, it seems we are handling more calls for service with less cops on the job.
            That would make sense.

            The part that disturbs me is that the reduction in LEO's means less time to be proactive.
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              There are less troops on the interstates and they are short handed....thus the reasons for less speeding tickets on the interstates..


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                we're experiencing the troopers shortages here in PA as well, they can't seem to find money to fund classes as frequently as in the past, and its most noticed on the highways, where as once they were highly visible and their presense known, you'd be hard up to see them lurking in the medians these days, its just not do-able with how short handed they are...they are run-ragged handling crashes their entire shirts, so traffic enforcement is taking a "back-seat" for now.


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                  Originally posted by PhilipCal View Post
                  . The best, the most effective radar detector in the world is YOU. .
                  Or the guy going faster than you are.


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                    I guess the ISP is short handed too because I rarely if ever see LE on the local expressways here and in the suburbs.
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                      I understand completely too. Our state is also having highway patrol budget issues. It isn't just in your state the out of state drivers speed. Texas drivers have no idea what 60 MPH means. I think they honestly believe it is just a number in between 0 and 100.

                      Of course the state also has a role in providing a venue for speeding. Head on prevention cable fence barriers have been installed in most of the metro area here.
                      Since they prevent police from turning around on anyone for miles and miles the state has just effectively raised the speed limits on those roads. What used to be 60 MPH posted is now 80+ MPH actual. I can be driving the speed limit and be impeding traffic.

                      Just for grins during an interstate trip yesterday of 320 miles, I took a survey of drivers and their speeds and statistics.

                      While doing the speed limit I had 62 vehicles pass me. 5 trucks tandem to 18 wheelers, 16 pickups, 41 cars. of the cars and pickups, 45 were single drivers 20s to thirties. 6 were families with kids and luggage 6 were teenagers with customized vehicles.

                      35 were from Texas, 17 from Kansas while in Kansas, 8 from Oklahoma while in Oklahoma, 1 from Alaska and 1 from Florida.

                      I saw no OHP and two KHP during the trip.
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                        There doesn't appear to be a shortage of troopers here in VA - and there are more than a few counties that have officers/deputies running radar on the Interstates.

                        Anyway, even though some claim fewer tickets are being written and traffic is moving faster......the accidents & fatalities continue to decline when calculated on a per-mile basis. Hardly makes sense, but that seems to be the case. Some of the cynics might say that it is a good thing to have more officers concentrating on real crime. LOL!

                        The comments above reflect my personal opinion as a private citizen, ordinary motorist and all-around good guy.

                        The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


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                          the accidents & fatalities continue to decline when calculated on a per-mile basis
                          I think the Germans might've looked into that and concluded that many drivers are much more careful at higher speeds, one of the many reasons why many parts of the autobahn have no limits. Kinda makes sense because I'm much more relaxed and less alert at 55 vs 80.
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                            I can personally vouch for the fact that Colorado has plenty of staties - even where ya never saw one before...
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                              You are more likely to see a local working speed enforcement than a trooper. Not taking away from the state guys at all, but we have never had the necessary number of troopers to get the job done properly. Plus, the locals love working the interstate.


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