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Officer attacked while booking suspect


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  • Officer attacked while booking suspect


    This is ridiculous. I'm just glad the officer won this battle.

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    I just wonder why the suspect wasn't restrained some how while the paperwork was being done or even in the cell? He may have been completely compliant prior to the incident and then flipped the crazy switch but still. I'm glad the officer was able to hold his own and keep the turd at bay until the calvary rolled in.
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      It certainly is ridiculous that the suspect was standing around, unaccompanied and unrestrained while the officer was typing and not even watching him.
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        He choked him the F out. Job well done. It appears that besides being surprised he never lost the upper hand.

        I love the good ol' pig pile too!


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          And that children is how policy is created.
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            Originally posted by OneAdam12 View Post
            And that children is how policy is created.
            Or how complacency gets you killed


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              First, thank GOD the officer is fine!

              It also looked like the officer had a gun in his holster, and the suspect was trying to get it....if so, there has GOT to be a policy about guns in the booking area.
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              You are without doubt a void surrounded by a sphincter muscle.


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                I like the first comment below the video.....................

                "The officer is still walking around pretty good considering he just broke his foot off in that guy's ***."

                jsooterlexsc13 hours ago 5
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                  Well I'm not a cop and I hate to Monday morning quarterback, but I will anyway Glad the officer is ok.

                  Like others have said
                  - Scary that these guys are 1 on 1 in booking and he is unrestrained
                  - Odd that the officer (if he does, couldn't tell) has a gun in booking
                  - When he tries to call for help, it looked like he tried to dial a number or something on the phone. Most lock-up areas I've seen have a "panic" button that you can just mash.


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                    First video I've seen with positive comments at the bottom. Officer handled business nicely. The "choke a b1tch out" technique wasn't taught in my academy DT but, I like it.

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                      Nice to see you brother, hope all is going well in the Academy.

                      I give the Officer a lot of credit, after he choked him he didn't esculate his attack.

                      There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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                        It sucks that now the whole world sees that you still got you're *** kiss kicked by someone that is sitting and has their back turned to you.


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                          Originally posted by jannino View Post
                          Or how complacency gets you killed
                          How true, and we all get complacent----------------watching these types of video's keeps you sharp.
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                            It's a good thing the officer was Native American. If my eye is as keen as I think it is the officer is from the Chokeabitch tribe.

                            Bad situation that went well. Unfortunately now that officer has more paperwork to do......


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                              I love how he flops onto the floor when they sling him off the counter.
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