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  • Scenario Question

    I know I am supposed to come up with my own answers but need different points of views. Have an Oral Board coming up and am looking at example scenario qustions. Here is the one I am stuck on....

    You are on patrol and pull into a parking lot. You witness a man being stabbed continuously, what do you do??

    My answer is to draw my weapon and order suspect to drop his. If he continues to stab the victim, I would shoot.

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    That is fine but you do not have to identify yourself first if you do not want to. You could just shoot the guy.

    Now if you want to throw the people giving you the oral a curve ask them questions before giving your answer such as.....Is the guy doing the stabbing a police officer, if so he needs my help, Is the guy doing the stabbing doing this because the other subject (who is being stabbed) was shooting little kids in the parking lot?
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      How about making it a point to reference that surroundings? Is it even safe to shoot? Do you have a clean background? How far away are you? Are you so close that if he refuses you make yourself a victim also? Were you called to the location?

      Are you even allowed to ask questions during the interview?

      Simple questions are sometimes not so easy when you actually get into it.


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        Good points by both, I would leave in the Identifying yourself for PC reasons. However, I would personally Identify myself and order to drop the knife, AS I draw my weapon and acquire my target. If that knife is still in his hands by the time my target is acquired, so sad to the bad guy.
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          Thanks alot guys! You guys gave me great info. Really appreciate it.


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