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External Armor Vest Carrier in Large sizes


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  • External Armor Vest Carrier in Large sizes

    My Department is currently outfitting us with external armor carrier vests which holds the ceramic panels. They bought the VooDoo Tactical brand and it's a nice vest, but the problem is it doesn't even come close to fitting me.

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any company that makes an armor carrier vest to hold the ceramic panels that will fit larger guys?

    The model we have has room to add several accessories and like I said its a really nice vest, just too darn small.

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    The company we ordered from is American Body Armor. Its the model that looks like the uniform shirt, on the officers that were a little overweight it didn't look so bad. Probably because it blends in with the uniform


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      I believe VOODOO tactical vest is pretty much one size fits all kind of style.

      Blackhawk has something call S.T.R.I.K.E. carrier system, which comes in different sizes.

      It is however, bit more money than VOODOO tactical stuff.


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        Check this one out. I'm actually thinking about getting this one as well.



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          I have a VOODOO outer carrier. I think its pretty good, but I'm not a big guy.
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            BTW, did you want just a plate carrier or the one with soft balistic panels as well?

            Also, if you scroll down, there is a equipment/gear section where you should get more replies as well.


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              I use a tactical tailor mod plate carrier and I am not exactly small and the thing is almost too big for me over my uniform and vest.
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                Thanks M1garand, as you can see I'm pretty new here. I looked for a "gear" section, but not hard enough. And to answer you question, what I'm looking for is a plate carrier, with the soft ballistic panels on the sides.

                Maybe a moderator could move this to a better location for me?
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