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Y do fights go to the ground?


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  • Y do fights go to the ground?

    Thank you for the civil and informative response to my thread about the best type of martial art training.

    There seems to be a concensus that '90% of fights go to the ground.'
    Based on my experiences and observations I would concur with this statement. My question is this-
    Why do you think most fights go to the ground?

    Is it because the suspect is highly skilled at takedowns or is it because most officers lack offensive tactics skills and the officers just jump on the guy, pin him down and hope for the best.

    I was impressed by the level of knowledge in the other responses- I'm interested in what you think about this question.
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    Gravity. When a person loses stability, he cannot resist gravity.
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      There are many reasons, for example: if I am chasing someone and catch them either by tackeling them or pulling them off a fence, they lose their balance and I must control them where they are-the ground.
      Also, Officers don't want to get hurt and don't really want to hurt the other person. Officers want to control (i.e. arrest the individual). Officers function under very strict rules and in the pulic eye, due to the nature of the job, Officers cannot have a 10 round boxing match, we need control. In order to get that control we have to put our hands on the individual and this is often when we end up on the ground.

      Also, I have done greco-roman and freestyle wrestling most of my life so, I am very comfortable gaining control on the ground, more so than on my feet.
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        I do my best *** kicking on the ground


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          The only way to end a fight is to get them under submission. The easiest way to have control over someone, no matter the size, is to be on top of them.

          You aren't going to swap punches and then hope they give up, turn around, and ask for you to put cuffs on them.

          I have seen hundreds of fights. If they are not broken up.. they most always end with at least one of the persons on the ground.


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            Originally posted by DAL View Post
            Gravity. When a person loses stability, he cannot resist gravity.


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              I agree with all the posts above. The easiest way to control someone is when they are on the ground with weight on top of them. Most fights don't end with both men standing.
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                All fights outside the ring end with at least one person on the ground.
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                  people lose balance, eoither from moving around or from getting hit, or from tripping...for whatever reason, fights go to the ground...so not only bone up on you stand up work, but also on your ground work
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                    My fights go to the ground because it is hard for me to punch someone laying on the ground from a standing position.

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                      Less distance for you to travel when I knock your *** out.
                      It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.


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                        I knew after reading the initial post that there was an advantage to taking the suspect to the ground, but it was difficult to quantify why. Allow me to take a shot at why.

                        When a suspect is on the ground the best position for them to resist is lying on their back. Yet in that position they aren't able to draw their arm or leg back further than equal to their body. So their ability to strike with power is limited. Additionally, their avenue for escape is only one direction, and that's blocked by the officer(s). While the ground doesn't offer instant control, it minimizes the suspect's options & power.

                        Fair assessment?
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                          Originally posted by dacp View Post
                          less distance for you to travel when i knock your *** out.
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                            This isn't a cop thing.

                            LE Agencies have actually done studies and found that the VAST majority of fights (LE and non-LE) end up on the ground.

                            There are tons of opinions, theories, etc., but I don't focus so much on trying to figure out why as it's obvious it is a fact of life. Better to prepare for it since there have also been a ton of LE studies that prove that we just don't do that good when it does go to the ground.

                            Would recommend that if your DT or current training doesn't contain much about ground-fighting, look into improving it. Whatever the ultimate reason, I doubt it's gonna change anytime soon.

                            Stay Safe, Brothers and Sisters.



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                              Additonally to what has been posted in the various previous post, it is easier ot handcuff a resisting person on the ground then when standing. Much easier to control someone if you are on top...in general.
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